Monday, September 10, 2012

#562 - Shufen's Kitchen

Just some food I made myself over the holidays/when I am free.
All made in Shufen's Kitchen! ;)

Yeah I know, entries these days are all about fooooood.
But I really love to blog food photos so y'all gotta bear with me.

Hmm but then I kinda miss those long wordy entries where I can rant out whatever I feel too, so maybe once in a while of that?

Meanwhile just read on!

Realised I am always cooking noodles but bobian, usually I cook is cook for a person's share so can't 'afford' to whip up so many dishes.
I shall must learn to cook a few more varieties soon!! :)

Egg Benedicts
Took me quite some time to make this!
The hollandaise sauce was quite hard to make because if the heat was too high, the sauce will become scrambled eggs instead.
That was what first happened.
I had to retry one more time to get it right!

Poached eggs were kind of fail BUT they were runny so I guess yay? :D

But overall, I had a great time preparing it and when I sank my mouth into it, I was happy I really succeeded in the end. *pats back*

Got my recipe here. :)

Stir-fry Cha Soba with Mushrooms
Kinda aglio olio style just that I replaced the spaghetti with Cha Soba.
Okay okay only, didn't know Cha Soba breaks so easily so they looked kind of short...

Pasta with Broccoli Florets
Loveeee this!
Slightly creamy tasting yumsss.
Got the recipe from the same place I got my Egg Benedicts'!
Click here! :)

Linguine Pasta with Ham Bits
Same recipe as the Broccoli Florets one except I substitute the broccoli florets with ham!

Hope I'd have more varieties of homemade food to share here in the future! :D

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