Friday, September 21, 2012

#566 - Just Some Words

Hey all.
This week zoomed past fast and the weekends are here again! :)

Been a rather boomz week I must say, in a good good way! (Y)
Been long since I can truly say I love my weekdays (well for this week that is)!
Full of surprise(s) (albeit kinda fail, sobs about that but still yay) and happinessssss.

To whom it may concerned, thanks for making this possible. :)

And yes, I am still floating rather safely in my bubble.


Have been going low carbs latelyyy!
Well I tried to.
少饭 all the way, even at home!

Just thought I'd update here for fun laughter peace and joy.

Nahh, I kid.
Just want to ayg like this. ;)

Okayy actually I have no idea why I typed that, but recently I feel quite determined to like shed some kilos.
I want to look like my weight.
Been hearing too much of people saying I don't look like my weight or I am too heavy for my height (1.57m, round up 1.6m hehehe).
That's quite sad but nevermind, they are my 推动力!

And I also kind of got 'inspired' by some bloggers or friends who lose weight tremendously and still look good.
Not those san bi ba kind uhh.

So yeah, my goal is to like really slim down till it's quite obvious.
Like you know when you stalk your old friends and go "Wow, this girl lost a lot of weight! I also want!!" kind.
Yeah that's my aim.

I guess it's a little quite hard since I am rather lazy and love food as much as I love Patrick Star, but I am sure, with more determination and looking at more skinny babes photos, I can get myself going?
Right right right?

So far, other than going low carbs, I've stopped eating supper (drank water only) and did (okay this is pathetic but this week was hectic and I couldn't squeeze time out to do so) a set of 15mins intense workout for the abdomen area. *sheepish face*
But better than nothing right!!

I need find time to go for jogs soon too!

My weight has been fluctuating madly though. :/
But whatever it is, I need to slim down areas like face, arms, stomach and calves.
That's nearly everything I know. O.O

Good luck to me.


Anyway, I read this and got a little sad. :(

Running Man is considered a variety show right?

Why Gary oppa whyyyy.
I will miss your peaceful face and your cute voice when saying funny things.
And you with MongJi as the Monday Couple although it ended ages ago.

The only sad news for the week I guess.

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