Monday, March 4, 2013

#598 - Updates

I have so many things to say, so many pictures to blog about but I have just gotten too lazy.. :/

This year has been a rather happening one I guess although we are only into the third month of it!

With me passing my driving test (like finally!!!), night cycling with my school mates and prawning for the first time (didn't really prawn but I watched instead hahaha), steamboat and overnight mahjong and then yes since March is here, it means braces are gonna be on soon!!! Excited! :D

And with all those good food I indulge in (not a lot) which are supposed to be categorised under F.A.M. one plus a show I watched yesterday called INCANTO which includes magic and aerobics performances kind. Too much too much.

And yes recess week is finally here! Not that any one of us can take a break because there are like countless CAs after it! Oh wells, at least we have a week to study and stuff everything in our brains!!

Okay I just felt the need to say something. Shall blog soon when the feel is here! Till then, X

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