Saturday, March 9, 2013

#603 - INCANTO at RWS

Went with some Helios peeps for INCANTO at RWS last Sunday!
The show was okay only, not worth the original price of $88 in my opinion.
Even with the NTU discount of $28, I still find it quite expensive!

Yes, there were a few interesting magic tricks like eg the magician walking through his assistant's body, the other of him being locked up in this box but ended up appearing in the audience, and one of him making someone's $50 note appear inside a lemon BUT that was all I guess.

The usuals of cutting the body and levitating... And oh, there were some musical-like performances and acrobatics in it as well, with equipments like the Wheel Of Death yada.
Okayyy la.

Had a yummy meal at Marché before the show!

This Blackforest Ham Savoury Crepe is super good, I am definitely ordering this the next time I go Marché again!!

Crispy Half Pork Knuckles, Rösti, Roasted Half Spring Chicken, medium-done Salmon Fillet and French Cheese Sausage with Rösti!

Split the cost among the 6 of us (no photos!!) and we paid ~$14 each!
Wasn't that filling though! We should have ordered pizza too!!!

Before we entered the show, this sight welcomed us.

Us being us, totally saw through the mirrors and all while the rest of the public looked in awe. ;)

Show started on time like 8pm sharp and photo above showed where we were seated at.
It looks far but actually everything was quite near and there were super HD videocameras shooting the closeup!

Ended the night well with supper at Swee Choon!
Some photos of my favourites!

And then it was until that day I found out that 0130 last bus for 307 is from the YewTee side not the CCK one.
CCK last bus ends at 2355. :(

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