Saturday, March 16, 2013

#605 - Updates

This entry is gonna be really ranty.

4 CAs in one week is just gross, with 1 falling on a Saturday (just now) and I am glad hell week is finally over!! :D
Not that I am doing anything to 'celebrate' or what, but at least I can rest and slack a little without feeling any guilt!

Anyway as time passes, the date to me getting braces on gets nearer!
26 March, I can't wait! Definitely getting blue colour because I saw my brother get that and it was in electric blue. *.*

-For own record-
So far, I've been to the orthodontist for 3 times already, 1 for consultation and the other 2 for extraction of 2 teeth each!

The extractions did not hurt, what hurt the most were the injections. Man, I hate injections!!! :( And the process of extraction was the scariest because I could hear bone-cracking sounds as the dentist moved left and right to get the tooth out. Traumatised. :/

So... currently I am bogei and I can't smile with teeth without feeling self-conscious about it!

Anyway for the second visit, the orthodontist inserted 4 elastic bands at the back of my teeth, the purpose of which is to create space so that she can put the metal brackets into it the next time I see her. Which she did on the third visit. 

I took photos for keepsake but guess I shall not show them here to gross anyone out!

So currently I have 4 visible holes (BOGEI!!) and then 2 metal brackets at 2 biting teeth behind which makes it difficult for me to bite and thus I can take to an hour or more to finish my meals. Can you imagine like 1/3 bowl of rice, with 1/2 serving of cabbage plus some chicken breast meat (which was what I had for dinner after extraction yesterday) took me 1 hour plus to finish? Big pieces of food are no-no for now. Guess I will have to stick to soft food like tofu, steamed egg and all.

At this rate, I'd better slim down man!!
I lost 2kg the other time when I had 3 wisdom teeth and 1 canine molar extracted, and the lost weight never came back!! So will it be the same this time? HAHAHA.
I certainly hope so!! Then I would have reached my target weight although I look nowhere near it.

After achieving that, I shall then aim to look like my weight.
Areas to focus on: OKAY actually almost everywhere but especially my WHOLE legs.
Everytime I look at my legs, I feel really 'demoralised'. Like omg, they are like thunder thighs and carrot legs, I am not gonna eat anymore or they'd get fatter. BUT then when I get hungry and then all I care about is satisfying my growling stomach. Boo. :(
Self-discipline. Maybe I need to consider hitting the gym soon.

Anyway, I can't wait for next week to arrive!
Gonna have Teochew porridge buffet for the first time, dimsum with cousins (which is yet to be confirmed) and then celebration for Mum's birthday! WOOO. :D
Why does it all involves fooooood. *coughs*

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