Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#615 - Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House / Itacho Sushi

Whenever I update my blog, it's either my rants or food entries! Hahahaha.
Then if it's the latter one, I will get hungry when I look at the photos. :X

Went to have duck rice today at the eating house at South Buona Vista Road (which is going to close down in June 2013) after school today!

We had half a duck and samabl kangkong to share for 4!

 The portions were rather small actually for both!
And don't be deceived by the photos and the somewhat high pile of meat, hidden below are cucumber slices, hahaha!

Taste wise? I guess the meat was tender and the sauce was good, but it was so overpriced.
SGD20 for half a duck. :O
SGD40 for whole.

Maybe if you are free do give it a try since it's closing down soon!
Do come before 4 though because the first time I went at 6 in the evening, the meat was OOS! The helper said they sold all by 4!

Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House 
38 South Buona Vista Road 
Tel 64759908


Headed to Itacho Sushi after that (fat die me) because our stomachs were not satisfied!

Really is Happy Hour for us! :D
Promotion only available at JCube!

 Roasted Mackerel Sushi.

Everything was so so good, all of us were like exclaiming happily when we took bites of the sushi.
Mega love the Salmon and Salmon Roe Roll, Salmon Cheese Roll and Squid with Mentaiko Roll!
I had 2 helpings of them!

And yes, ever since I had the Mentai Mussels at Nihon Mura, I fell in love with mentaiko. You can never go wrong with that on sushi! Man, I am such a foodie.
I think you can try bribing me with food, hahahaha, just kidding.

Ending the entry with this...
 When you pick up the salmon roe one by one and eat it and it bursts in your mouth... *salivates*

Those who know me well would be wondering this: I thought Shufen doens't eat sashimi one??

Well, I recently fall in love with sashimi (better late than never)!
Can't believe I can't swallow them last time! *looks at myself in disbelief*
Always don't get why people appreciate such food with weird chewy feeling, but now, NO. I have missed out so much can!!
Now I know, now I know! :D


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