Monday, April 15, 2013

#617 - Yunhui's 21st Birthday Party

Went to Yunhui's 21st birthday part last Friday!

Met with May first and then sticked close to her throughout the whole party and that was also why this entry is practically filled with photos of our faces!
I am so sorry if you can't stand us! Please feel free to leave if so. HAHAHA.
This is also probably my first ever time posting so many photos of me after getting braces on! :)

 In 188 on the way to The Chevrons!

 Loveeee this photo collage May did of us (although in the second pic my bottom braces looked so gross, I swear I had no veggies stuck in them okay)!

Our ootd for the pastel-themed party!
Yes I am so glad my dress is being 'put up to good use'!

Reached the place and then we nua. YES WE DID.

 In the last pic, I was trying to show the baby pink bangle May lent me! Haha.

 Roger!!! How long have we not met up please!!!

Hehe secretly mixed in some self-shots in so it won't seem as though I took a lot! :P

Shots with the birthday girl! :)
 Pretty pastel-coloured cupcakes. :)

And I gotta say I love the catered dory fish because the sauce was so nice!! *random*

 Happy 21st Yunhui! :)
Although technically, when the birthday party was on and this entry is up, you are still 20!
3 more days to the big day! :)
Hope you enjoyed yourself that night and have many happy returns!!
Oh and also that you love the present we got for you!!

Sorry I just couldn't resist. :D

And yeah, I know I look different with/without spectacles and makeup!

Okayy love y'all, X


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