Saturday, April 27, 2013

#619 - Dreams

*This wasn't the 1k+ words entry I tweeted about okayy. The entry is on my Tumblr! This was copied and pasted in case you'all are wondering my rants was about dreams...*

Was surfing my Tumblr feed tonight and I saw this! Happened to be reminded of my exam nightmare in the morning where I was late for some exam. Look at number 4. Apt lehh. HAHA. The rest are interesting as well. Not that I really believe them, just for reading's sake. ;)

1. Loss of a tooth: In ancient times, dreaming about losing a tooth was seen as being an omen of death. However, most contemporary dream theorists are more flexible in their assessment and consider the entire context of the dream. Some suggest that the loss of a tooth symbolises symbolize feelings of powerlessness, fear, shame, and abandonment.

2. Flying and falling: These are often called kinesthetic dreams. The meaning probably relates more to the emotion experienced rather than the act per se. Many people who have flying dreams report feelings of mastery or being “above it all”. Falling dreams appear to be associated with feelings of great anxiety and fear.

3. Exhibition: These dreams are usually related to private, hidden information that the person fears revealing. The most common exhibition dream is being nude or half-clothed in public. A similar dream involves “bathroom” behaviors and suddenly becoming aware of an audience watching what you are doing. The most common emotion is great embarrassment and/or feelings of inferiority.

4. Arriving late for an exam, or an important event: The examination dream occurs most often when the person is about to sit a test, or is facing a hurdle, or a new challenge. The plot in the dreams often involves an inability to handle the task – so the person feels as if they’re going to fail. Arriving late can also be associated with feelings of frustration. For example, where the dreamer is unable to catch their train on time, get to their class, or run fast enough. This is related to frustration in real life.

5. Being chased or attacked: This extremely common dream is thought to indicate that the person is under tremendous stress in the waking world. It can also mean that the person is feeling attacked and threatened – either by a person or by powerful emotions that the dreamer finds hard to contain and control.

Haha so apparently I am feeling frustrated! Hmm.

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