Monday, May 13, 2013

#622 -

Today has been a rather fruitful day I guess!

Managed to run some errands, got my mail send, bank account branch code thing check, and made a somewhat healthy dinner!

Been trying to eat clean and healthy and low carbs since holidays started because I have a goal in mind which is highly related to looking good physically HAHAHA.
Please don't judge me!
And yes, I know my cooking kind of like 有限公司, but today's dinner, I made do with what I found in the fridge, I will definitely try more varieties soon!

But I had custard buns for teabreak!
Can't help it, custard, otherwise known as salted egg yolk buns, are so so goooooood! T.T

Now I want dimsum! Such a foodie!
It's always an internal battle between wanting to lose weight and eating food for me!

Oh and I finished watching this week's WGM and RM as well! :)

The only part lacking which could make today perfect is you that I didn't manage to run today!
I'd better do so this week!

Anyway, I got my braces change 2 weeks ago!
Violet colour!! Looked really baby pink initially and I was like mehhh that's too girly for me!
Then it somehow got more lilac/violet-ish and I was like yayyyy!

Pictures of my face soon when I managed to dress up go out and then blog! :D

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