Sunday, June 1, 2014

#698 - Yoogane / Catching Up

Finally found some time to meet up with Raine, lots of catching up to do!
And so we spent Wednesday night filling each other up with the old/latest news hahaha.

Dinner was at Yoogane, the queue was mad mad long, I think we waited for 40mins?!

Chicken Galbi (SGD16.90 per set)
We had two sets of the chicken galbi because no sharing was allowed! :/ And if we were to order 2 sets, they have to be the same one. That's... really sad.

Had some add-ons as well since the chicken galbi only has lots of chicken chunks, vegetables, some potato slices and tteokbokki.

Fried Rice (SGD3.90)

Mozzarella Cheese (SGD3.90)
Kind of expensive I know, but I read that many of them said when the cheese melted in the rice, it's damn good, so we decided to try!

Ramyeon Noodles (SGD3.90)

Free flow side dishes, we only had the kimchi which was quite spicy!

Saw some other customers wearing bibs from the restaurant, not sure if they ran out of bibs but we weren't given any.

Anyway, we didn't have to do anything because there will be waiters/waitresses who will walk around and cook/stir the food for us!

The ramyeon noodles were cooked together with the chicken galbi first and the waiter told us to finish the noodles first and then the rice and cheese will then be cook later.

Results of mixing the cheese and the rice.

To be honest, Yoogane isn't that yummy like I have expected. Why always like that!!!
The cheesy fried rice was okay only, not like super yummy or what. The chicken was just right but nothing to shout about. I like the noodles best overall, I think Raine felt the same too. Hahahaha. Not worth my time queuing!

Hmm, let's just hope if I ever get to try it in Korea, it will not disappoint like the one in Singapore!

Oh, and I think GST is included because they only charged 10% service charge!

200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction #02-47/48
Singapore 188021
Tel 63377337

Headed to my house later!


Met up on Saturday as well! Die die wanna 'show off' her bf's gift for her lolol.

Lunch was at Lenas Cafe!
I love the Iced Mint Lemon Tea! Very refreshing. :D

Update again soon, bye, X

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