Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#725 - Meet Up / Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar

Met up w the 2 skinny bitches (HAHAHA, sorry y'all faces so small) at Biopolis the other day!
Visited the office and it changed to much lahh! Bigger space, more rooms and comfortable cubicle space and seats!

Settled for lunch at a newly opened cafe nearby, Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar.

 Truffle Fries (SGD 9)
I think this was the best among all the things ordered that day, although the fries weren't the shoestrings kind! The truffle oil taste was just right and the fries were served hot! :D

 Spaghetti Pomodoro (SGD12)
Nothing to shout about, like any typical spaghetti.

 The Mac and Cheese (SGD15)
This was one of the recommendations but we all felt it was too dry? And it was rather cold (even though the metal pot was burning hot, weird) thus we requested for reheating. The staff was really apologetic about it and even gave us a new one instead.

 The Cheeseburger (SGD16)
Another recommendation, sad to say I thought the beef wasn't marinated well at all. It was practically tasteless, the bits of onions saved it.

Currently the prices are nett, and there isn't any service charge!

21 Biopolis Drive
Nucleos #01-21
Singapore 138567
Tel 81811805

Meeting them again soon for sashimi, I can't wait! :D

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