Saturday, October 4, 2014

#727 - Namdaemun Market

Another short entry, Namdaemun Market!
Just some visuals.

I really like Namdaemun Market even though the items sold are not really those kind youngsters will like.
They have like all sort of things? From statues to clothes to fabrics to cameras to hiking equipment to antiques to shoes to bags to dried food to fruits!
Of course, it's not those fashionable kind, and when you reach here, you can see the age group there is usually people aged 45 and above!

I really love this place, it feels more laidback hahahaha, till I visited it twice. It's so huge!
The second time I went, we even visited some of the mall-like buildings and inside there were soft toys and jewellery!!

Oh and I heard it's a good choice to make spectacles here because they are rather cheap? I have friends who made them at around $40-$70 that range?

 Instead of the digital countdown like ours, they use arrows instead!

 It was a place w neverending streets/alleys. Every turn brings you somewhere!
And I found a store selling bindaetteok too! Miss the one at Busan, and this one here tasted the same!
The store is along the streets selling cameras!

I think this place is something like the Thieves Market in Singapore? Same same flea style too!

I didn't leave the place empty-handed okay! Got some bandage thingy for LMZ which ended up becoming my brother's! ._.
And also some earrings and necklaces and... idols postcards for my friends which left them dumbfounded HAHAHA.

Namdaemun Market
Nearest Station: Hoehyeon Station, Line 4
Go out from Exit 5.

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