Sunday, October 26, 2014

#731 - Yoogane Korea

Yoogane in Korea! :D
Definitely taste better than the one in Singapore!

When Yoogane first came to Singapore, everyone was raving about how good it is but when I went to tried it w Raine the other time, we thought it was so-so only.

Korea one never disappoints though!

 The noodles! Forever craving noodles!

 W yummy cheesy rice at the end.

Definitely a must-try if you go to Korea. Not really expensive compared to Singapore's!
I think there were 4 of us and each of us paid 7500won! I remembered paying $20+ in Singapore, goodness.

Yoogane (유가네)
Nearest Station: Hyehwa Station, Line 4
Go out from Exit 4, cross the road, and head diagonally right into the first alley. Continue a little more and Yoogane will be on the left.

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