Sunday, January 18, 2015

#745 - Korean Food / Naksan Park

I think I cleared most of the photos in my cameras except maybe for Nami Island and the Gangchon Railbike one. Digging through my camera photos.

Joined the friend's project group clique for lunch for 2 days back to back !

Hyehwa has yummy food! Like Baburger which I think I had a lot of times simply because it's yummy and filling.
Bab = Rice. So basically they have a lot of burgers for you to choose from like ham/kimchi/chicken/scrambled eggs and such and instead of bread, they have rice instead.

Plus it cost around 2000-2500 won which is worth it! Always eat the scrambled egg w chicken and mayonnaise one. (Y) No photos because I cannot find lol.

The Korean classmates brought us to this eating place v v near SKKU side gate, like at the front corner only (I know how to go if you throw me at the side gate but dk how to describe the exact directions in words) for lunch!

Goodness in one pot!

 And I like how Koreans don't waste the gravy and add rice to fry them. Polished the whole pan off. :P

 The other day we went to the eating place next to the eatery above and they have yummy food too. Something like budaejjigae but the drier version lol. Got luncheon meat, one of my 最爱! SHIOK. :D

And because this entry is only on food, I shall throw in some other photos as well. Went to Naksan Park which was near where we stay (Hyehwa) to walk walk (and feed mozzies).

 It was close to 8pm when the photo above was taken. Can you believe it? Korea time is GMT+9. Their sky usually darkens around 8plus! Makes me feel like it's still early the whole time I am there.
 This long stretch is the Seoul Fortress Wall if I am not wrong. And apparently the King 2 Hearts filmed an episode here.

 Namsan Tower so far awayyyyy.

Naksan Park (낙산공원)
54, Naksan-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 
Nearest Station: Hyehwa Station, Line 2

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