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#756 - Sensitivity Levels / Throwback 1.0

Oh dear, thanks to the convenience of mobile blogging/sharing apps and also lack of time, I have neglected my blog.

Here to revive it for a while! I have still yet to blog so many things like my FAMs, my Taiwan trip last year as well as my Hong Kong trip this year. So many backlogs!

I decided to come back here again because I have too many backlogs and I really don't want to regret not blogging about them. I looked back at my archives sometimes and I get a warm fuzzy feeling at times when I reminisced about different happenings. I don't want to ever stop because I want to have something to look back to in the future.

I hope I am back for good and not get lazy anymore.

Anyway today's entry will be on sensitivity levels. The reason why I want to share it here is because I feel strongly about this issue. Hahaha, so here goes.

So... I have had enough of seeing people telling others stuff like “Jeez, you are SO sensitive.” or “He’s SUPER sensitive cannot anyhow make fun if not she will get angry.” or any single shit that states that the other party is a sensitive fellow. How about I give you this – t(-.-)t 

 To “stand up” for this “sensitive” bunch because 老娘我看不下去了:

Why is it that it is the other party so-called’s fault? Why is sensitive being made to seem like it’s something wrong and they are to be blamed? Why can’t it be that it is people who said such things who are the ones being INSENSITIVE themselves?

Just because someone doesn’t take your jokes well or gets affected easily doesn’t mean that they are being overly-sensitive.

 You never know what they have been through. There are always two sides to a story. And fuck you if you take the other side. Nah, I kid (or not)

 I just want to say, be fair. If you have never been in their shoes, don’t be too quick to judge. The world is already so unfair, so please don’t make it worse. I abhor such (INSENSITIVE and conceited if I may add) people who FOREVER THINK THEY ARE RIGHT and that these people are so sensitive they cannot 玩得起 one. 

 Please, take a moment to think. Why can't it be that YOU are being insensitive instead? Some people really don’t bother reflecting. Flaws are always on others, not themselves. Have you ever thought of people’s feelings (READ: Insensitive prick)? Have you ever once considered that you may be okay with something but someone may be not? Just understand/my point is: 

 We all have different levels of sensitivity that’s all.

And I hope that these people would respect that and not pick on them and throw these innocent parties to the extreme end of the sensitivity level and blame them for it.


All is good. Just need to throw some words out, not that any insensitive people will chance upon this but it just feels better to "speak up" hahaha. And if you haven't guess, yes, yours truly had been a 受害者 before so I can totally relate. Pardon for the incoherency/bad argument, my GP was never good anyway (got a C only).


On another note, let's do a throwback and look at my photos when I was a toddler/kid! I went through 1/3 of the photo albums at home for them... So I guess this is throwback 1.0? Lol.

The paragraphs below were typed at a different timing to the sensitivity issue on top, in case people think I am bipolar. Lol.

Warning: Please leave now if you cannot stand my "self-indulgence" in my younger self.

1 plus years old? Not sure but I sure have big ears. Call me 顺风耳.

I don't remember this old house I lived in but somehow I have memories of this tricycle, like the adults covering the cushion on my legs. This tricycle was my favourite.

 One w my dad! ❤❤❤

 2 years old, celebrating my birthday.
Note to self: Pinch my kids' nose bridge next time.

 When I was young, I like to climb on everything possible. The window grills were one of them. Climbing on stools too.

But there was once I climbed and the stool overturned and the leg hit my down under. D: And then it bled. Wo de tian, 痛死我了. So now when I climb stools, 我很小心.

 Ermm, I think I look better as a guy than a girl leh. Actually this haircut quite nice ah? *self comfort* Also my favourite photo of this throwback lot. ;)

W my favourite Baby G watch (because pink was my favourite colour that time lol) and Felix the Cat cushion in pink version. I called it Garfield. Kept it w me till like secondary school days where it started breaking apart. So sad to see it go. :'(

Omy, I spot daisy prints denim shorts too!! The daisy love runs deeeeeep. Fashionista since young siol. *smirks* Totally can wear this design now lah!!

PS: My bro's eyebags lol.

 Banggggs. Lantern Festival!

I remembered being envious of my cousins who have the cellophane (?) material ones. Seeing this pair of pants also reminded me how I always have to wear long pants to sleep and my dad would tuck my shirt in after I pee and tell me to quickly run back to the room and sleep if not the Big Bad Wolf would come and catch me. And I would always run as fast as I could. Hahaha.

小时候的我 quite smiley ah. And I don't even look like me somehow? I feel I was happier then? Lol.

 Hiao bor strikes! Sunflower pose.

 Omg a photo of me and my 贝贝!!! ❤ It still accompanies me to sleep every single day. ☺

And erm deep V top, sexy much?

 Seems like my dislike for cake started when I was super young.

Godz. My same-aged cousin and I are really like poles apart.

I can't remember if I mentioned before a while ago when I did my throwback but I always feel we are so different. Like she is the girl next door, so 端庄 and girly, neat and all while I am like a tomboy, forever getting bruises on the legs, sweaty and crazy. Oh plus she skinny bitch (it's considered a compliment) and I ba-ba. Not to mention our skin colours lolol.

OH AND HER NOSE. 我要. WTS THAT HIGH NOSE BRIDGE. 给我!!!!! This photo clearly showed the differences.

 W all my skinny bitches cousins w their long legs. D:

 Bro-sis loveeee. Wa the prints. Like now wear also can hor. *smirks*

 1999, where hairnet hairbands were in then.

Side note, my brother looks so much better now hahaha.

Year on the calendar stated 2001. That means I was 9 years old. Working the helmet hair look. Became demure also. Or maybe ish act one.

I think my legs refused to grow after this wtf. This should be in Primary 4 or 5 and I used to be one of the few who queued up at the back (queue according to height) at 155cm.

Now? I am 157cm. T.T

Well done, puberty. Hurhur. Also what's w that hair? Doh!

Okay throwback again next time! Still got a lot, good also. I get to caption my photos and take a walk down memory lane.

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