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#767 - Taiwan 2014 Day 4/5 - Taichung 草莓世界 / 中社观光花市 / 薰衣草森林 / KaoChi (高記) / King Mango (芒果皇帝) / Taiwan Loot

So, I have been rather busy since work started, w weekdays feeling tired after work and weekends spent catching up on sleep. I am slowly adjusting my body clock back/catching up on variety shows/reading books/catching up on social media so I haven't had time to edit and upload the photos for Taiwan.

BUT I decided to do it today because December is going to end soon.

- Oh dear. Date as of now is 24 March 2016 and that paragraph above has been typed and re-typed over and over again. It is now going to be April soon and yet I still haven't complete the Taiwan travelogues.

Work has indeed consumed me. I made myself busy lately by going for exercise classes and doing BBG (hell yeah I just started) and now I am sitting in front of the laptop right now determined to churn something out. I am trying hard to remember what exactly happened.

It's February 2017 now and I am still here? Judging myself. Luckily I managed to type a lot below previously, just waiting to publish them!

- Hello, this is me signing in in May 2017... ._. Still not giving up. Really want to update every travelogue because it would be good to look back to. :)

Here it goes.

So here's my Day 5 in Taiwan last (last) December!

We spent a day or less in Taichung and from the trip, I learnt that it's best to allocate at least a day to stay over at Taichung because there are quite a lot of things and a day is simply not enough. We overestimated by throwing in a lot of places to visit in Taichung and ended up not going to Fengjia Night Market. My 臭豆腐... :(

We took the High Speed Rail there! Bought the tickets the other time when we went Taipei.

We had a comfortable ride to Taichung I must say! Gotta love the HSR.

Before the Taiwan trip, I have heard about contacting taxi drivers to drive us around the place so I managed to find one under Google's help w good reviews BUT sadly the taxi driver I shortlisted (lol) was booked. He introduced us another taxi driver, who seemed like a fatherly figure to us lol.

Headed to some strawberry farm to 采草莓. :)

We plucked a few large ones and man, they were sweet!

Details above it anyone is interested!

Proceeded to 中社观光花市 to 赏花!

Only during overseas will I dare to wear like this i.e. dress w stockings HAHAHA.

Photos spam ahead!
What a pretty backdrop! And the tulips are legit this shade of red!!

My favourite breed!

Hashtag chiooooo.

Oh dear, I am so embarrassed to post this up because it wrote 2015... *coughs* We are already way past 2016's New Year... and 2017's.

They have many set-ups like this swing above or benches for tourists to take pretty photos w!

How? Got Jay Chou feel? *smirks* I believe it would be even prettier if the lavenders were in full bloom!

Guess many brides would choose here because of the colourful florasssss.

After some flower-viewing, it was time for lunch! The taxi driver recommended us some 客家菜! It was a good thing for our LMZs since they have been eating street food w us since Day 1. We are okay w street food as meals but definitely not for them. Hahaha.

We were given a menu and just randomly chose some set menus they had!

Some dishes were foreign to us but they tasted alright and some reminded us of homecooked meals.. after a few days of street food haha.

In my record, the meal was TWD1300 so it was pretty affordable. :)

We proceeded to the last stop of the day in Taichung, that is the 薰衣草森林.

Nature along the way!

And uhh it took a long while to get to 薰衣草森林 because it is v v inside? And there were a lot of winding roads omg. Not for people w serious motion sickness.

Took some photos for the sake of it. Man looking at myself 3 years ago, I must say I look so different now. No longer in braces, double eyelids came out, and hair is more voluminous at the moment.

Haha actually clearing backlogs are good ah, lets you see how much you've changed. Okay I digress.

Wow did I take this? Lol. Not bad the bokeh, makes me want to pick up my camera and start snapping again.

Queued for Lavender icecream but I think they ran out of it? - One downside of doing entries late hahaha.

Got a cup of Lavender Milk Tea instead which was perfect for the cold!

Toilet also got feelzxzx. Hahaha. Oh the entrance fee of the place also includes a free packet of Lavender leaves? Like they give you a pouch and you can scoop the leaves and fill it up to bring back w you lolol.

Ended the day w Macs! It's called 麦香鱼 in Taiwan. The cashier couldn't understand me when I said I want a 鱼柳包. Hahaha.

Okay yes done w Day 5 of my Taiwan trip! Well done me. 🙃🙃🙃

Day 6 was sort of our last day in Taiwan since we had a morning flight the day after. It was a free and easy day that day, and we went to 東門 Station. Initial plan was to have Din Tai Fung but the queue was too long hence we headed to...


 上海鐡鍋生煎包 (NT200)
It is known for its 生煎包 thus we ordered that!

元籠小包 (NT200)
And of course these since we couldn't try the DTF ones.

They were not bad! :)

KaoChi (高記)
Nearest Station: 東門, Dongmen Station, Line 2 (Red Line)

Headed for desserts again here because they are THAT good. No regrets. Mangoes were super sweet!!

King Mango (芒果皇帝)
Nearest Station: 東門, Dongmen Station, Line 2 (Red Line)

For the rest of the day, I think we spent it at Taipei area. We had some steamboat if I recall correctly but no photos hahaha.

 Spent the last few hours in Taiwan walking around Ximending and saw this talented artist painting with cloth/fingers.

It was a morning flight back to Singapore the next day thus we ended the day early!

I think this was the meal from Taiwan to Hong Kong.

Our plane got delayed and we were quite rushed for the connecting flight from Hong Kong to Singapore. However, kudos to Cathay Pacific staff for being there and guiding us to the connecting flight. Everything was done well, first time flying w them and I am impressed. It was different from Qantas, where nobody was there to fetch us and we were scolded for being late for our connecting flight even though we rushed the moment we landed. Story for another day!

 Breakfast for lunch for returning flight! Their food is not bad!

And yes home sweet home!

My humble loot from Taiwan! Didn't manage to get a lot of items because it was their "winter" season and there was more of those long-sleeved clothings which is not suitable for Singapore's weather. I bought more of skincare products.

Oh and not forgetting to lug back these milk tea when they weren't available in Singapore back then.

Phew and I am finally done with my Taiwan trip. *pats on my back*
Well better late than never right?

Hope I can continue to blog more about my travelogues, maybe Boracay and New Zealand soon? See you if I ever do so, thanks for reading! ;)

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