Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2 days since i updated.
and it feels kinda weird.
camp's tml and i have to meet doreen at like 7?

so effin early luhs.
and i need my sleep lohs.

had meeting in sch with nat, minyan, jj and ah teo for the class cd thing.
did not much lahs.
jus like see the slides and stuffs lors.
den we talked lors.

and yahs.
meet the p6 'gang' ltr.
and we were late.
cos nat said even if we left early, someone will eventually be late de.
but she was wrong.
and we had lunch at KFC.
and i realised the rest except for me and nat have small appetites.
nat and i ate a zinger meal plus chees fries.
oh. den we went to take neos. yeah.
and while afiqah, nicole and i were busy decorating, nat, elena and raine went to the arcade to catch the softtoy from the machine.
and raine was great in it.
she caught 2.
den the guys came,
haiqel and izzat.
we went to westmall.
and saw xiaojin and joslyn there doing those charity thing where they ask u to buy sth.
and the guys were rich enough to donate and buy a pen for $10.
went to the arcade ltr.
and played there.
and air hockey is so darn fun.
but when playing with nicole, it makes me pant alot.
cos when u play with her, u have to be very alert so as not to let the pucks get in the hole.
bowled ytd too.
we went to CSC first.
but were told that if we really wana bowl, we will have to wait until 6pm when it was like 2pm then.
wad a bummer.
and so raine and haiqel went to hail taxis for us in the rain.
and we took the taxi to CDANS.
and we played at Starbowl.
it was so ex luhs.
$6.40 for 2 games plus renting of shoes.
if we were playing in CSC, the cost will be like $4 only.
oh well.
and i took a lime green ball again.
hahas. ((:
went to elena's hse ltr.
and we were like so desperate to see raine do a ripple.
we had a hard time persuading to actually do it.
and she did it.
yay to her courage.
and then all of us started doing it.
and the security guard was like looking?
cos we were at her hse downstairs while the 8 of us were doing it.
and we looked so retarded. =.-
den the 8 of us plus elena's brother squeezed into the small room.
and we played cranium.
and samuel came ltr.
and we were split up.
we played jenga and samuel wana act pro.
and caused the whole jenga blocks to fall over.
and he had to do a forfeit.
which is by showing us a ripple.
and his version was like so stiff and funny lahs.

mrs thoo jus gave birth last fri.
and i saw the baby's photo in samuel's hp.
so cute lahs. ((:

sec 2 and 3 eldds meeting today.
abt camp tml.
planned all those things lers.
and for the amazing race thing, i was given a creepy place to station lahs.
to me is creepy lahs.
i hope things will turn out well tml lahs.
that's the only thing i wish for now lo.

replies to tags:
Yongkian: hahas. i dun think that is a blister though it looked like one. but it still hurts. man, i hate injuries lahs. =X
XUANN-`!: hahas. yeah. so honoured u come regularly. hahas. where got pangseh u. eeyer. shunting treat u le lohs. =X
hey hey: ok. yay. LOLS. okay. find those dun need spend $$$ one. hehs. :D
wenwen: HELLOS! love u since u seldom tag here and u came and tagged. (:
ZHENYI!: hahas. got ur name lers. u tag often den ur name will forever appear de. hahas.
jiayinG: ohokay. hahas. :D cant go cos got camp. thanks ah. ((:

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