Monday, November 27, 2006

replies to tags:
jiayinG: aiyo. so despo ah. eeyer.
ship-collisions.: dun pao qi me lehs. i still love you okay? ((:
Yvonne``: heys. hahas. holidays nth much to do de lahs. hahas. sandii: lols. ugly mehs? hahas. ZHENYI!: eeyer. dun need liaos. i pao qi him liaos. LOLS.
elaine: hahas. so gd. ((: and it's not a poem lahs. is song lyrics. lols. and i am not asking myself qn. is a quiz. and simlin really does need to brush up on her bowling. oops. =X
ZHENYI!: hellos. wa. so late lers. still online. LOLS.
XUANN-`!: haha. is she service bad mahs. den deserved it. hahas. :D
jiayinG: hahas. i tagged lers. hahas.
Nat: ha. u tagged. LOLS. quizzes are fun and can waste time doing it. LOLS.
Yongkian: hahas. the quiz is nice luh. (:
jiaxin: okay. will comment de. (:
yili: yahs. yay. hahas. but u good lohs. den stay. blah.
Yongkian: HELLO! hahas. explain to u via msn lers. LOLS. should be dun have bahs.
XUANN-`!: okay. regular visitor. goody. hahas. :DD
afiqah: YO! hahas. quizzes are fun. =D yahs. cya den.
jiayinG: ooh. no wonder seldom see u online. yay. hahas. u treat right? hahas.
hey hey: wad. eeyer. oh ya. holidays u very you kong. so i gonna jio u out. hahas. always go out with other ppl nvr jio me de. so this time, i jio u out. mus go hors. and i nvr always go out.
XUANN-`!: wad. hahas. i was jus being myself. hahas.
huiisian: hahas. thanks. (: yay.
chentian: hellos. hahas. yeah.
huiisian: wa. yah. holidays always very bored de. i miss sch u know.
XUANN-`!: updated liaos. hehs. go out with friend luh. dun think yy. ah nat is also going. hahas. will MISS YOU TOO. *HUGS*

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