Monday, November 20, 2006

due to some STOOPID connectivity problem, i wasnt able to post ytd. and i am so darn pissed with it. oh well. chongjing on fri. took lots lots lots lots photos. before the real event started at the jurong regional library. i tot it was the one near the JEC de but it was not. it was at somewhere near Boon Lay Mrt Station. A new library. woos. and i finally got to use the line i used frequently to shut ppl up. 'Shh. This is a LIBRARY.' wahas. i sound dumb. oh well. enough of crap. woke up early cos i have to meet the rest at 8.30. toot. so darn early cos we need to practise on the singing part. yeah. den. ok. photos!

simlin with that so effin big $1 banana she bought from the market. [:


once again. due to some STOOPID connectivity prob, i cant upload anymore photos. i've got like 27 more to upload luh. !!!!!! nvm. hopefully i can upload them tml. cos i am going to the beach ltr to take whole lot more of photos. YAY.

replies to tags:
ZHENYI!: haha. thanks. [:
hey hey: yahs. ORANGE ROCKS AND IS HAWT!!
jiayinG: hahas. lols. but u are cuter. *PUKES* teehee.
Yongkian: Hahs. Went to sentosa. :D
sandii: ok. hahas.
hey hey: thank me for what? lols. hahas. take care. u are in taiwan now. MISS YA LUH.
jiaxin: lols. HI-5!
ZHENYI!: i still got more. but cant upload. aww. )):
jiayinG: yah lohs. so many ltr my blog polluted. hahas. jking.
yunying: ok. ahhas. will link u asap. (:
shunting: ma. u tagged. yay. yahs lohs. take care too. (:
sandii: ok. gonna relink u lers.
ZHENYI!: hahas. i forgot my lyrics at the end luh. lols. so malu.
Yongkian: HELLO! not yet. hahas.
XUANN-`!: i ren hen hao de. promise her not to upload le mahs.
ZHENYI!: ahhas. nvm.

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