Wednesday, November 22, 2006

finally got to use the com. toot. screw the modem. i duno wad happen to it. maybe it had PMS and it's having its mood swings. oh well. PHOTOS! no captions cos i am in a rush to upload. hahas.

tata. i am done. shall upload the beach photos next time cos i'm going out lers. hahas.

replies to tags:
simlin: hahas. no wad. cute luh. with the BANANA. :D
wenwen: hello. long time nvr see u liaos. keke. yah. u too. love ya lots too. take care ya. (:
hwyi!: tag u lers. hahas.
kaii xiin: HELLOS. yah. fun. take care too. photos nxt time. sry.
jiayinG: hahas. nvr see u online mahs. yahs. LOLS. [:
`Regina: UPLOADED LER. hahas.
Yongkian: ahahs. BOWLING. YAY.
ZHENYI!: ya. YAY. :D hahas.
germain`: HAHAS. TAG.
ZHENYI!: saw it. din send me the one we took tgt. ):
Yongkian: hahas. jus uploaded some. (: yah. cya ltr. and toot luhs. he cant go. sad. ):

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