Tuesday, November 14, 2006

chong jing today..
and i think it was boring. =O
i had to act as some girl called meiling.. hahas.. so de funny.. all of us were like laughing lohs.. and xuan had to hold ah gong's hand.. woots. x)) hahas.. it was weird luhhs. cos ah gong is like shorter than xuan? LOLS. ok.. i am being so bad to actually laugh at ah gong's height when i am even shorter.. =XX ahh.. and i took some random photos of them.. enjoy.. h0h0..

hahas. blur image of the scene.
the female audience.
wad is jj doing? lols.
hahas. and halfway during the show, the rest went for a break. den thr was this lady who tot the seats and chairs we moved were supposed to be there. and she sat on one of them.. ROTFL. and i took a photo of her.. hahas..
hahas.. so funny luhhs.. we were like ah? she sitting there.. how film? lols.. in the end, i-duno-who went to tell her we acting.. lols.. FUNNY lahs..
dun kill me jia zhi.. but wad are the ppl doing in the photo? let's take a look.
if u look behind, u can actually see two girls zilianing. =O jiaying. ur jie ban ren.
in the front, we can see two girls fighting over a ... CHAIR???!! O.O lols.
zilian de jiaying. typical. xP
me and ah li`. like so contrast lidat.
eat. eat. eat. eat somemore. aiyer. =/
leftovers/remainders of my food. =S
oh.. and nat and jiaying went to watch Step Up. and i wasnt really interested in the show.. wana watch Material Girls/Girl and Charlotte's Web.. yeah. so ah li and i went to the library.. saw the sec 1s thr.. lols.. and yili and i started crapping.. and listened to songs.. and talked.. and we took photos.. lols.. ok.. we were being influenced by jiaying.. =X
ah li's keychain.. nice hohs? it would be nice if someone make this for me, him? lols.
oh.. i suggested this. hahs. yili's new earring! NICE NICE. xD
another side. hahas.
had eldds ltr..
so walked with yili to kss..
she sent me to sch..
so touched..
and eldds training was ok..
and my poor feet was stepped 1,2,3 ... 7 TIMES!!!!
sry, my dear feet..
i din do my best to protect u..
cut the crap..
my day was spent lidat.
tks zhenyi for the lollipops. ((:

replies to tags:
ZHENYI!: hahas.. lols..
ship-collisions.: yea.. love ya.. hahas.. ok.. will chge.. xD
chentian: hellos.. i dun have stead.. lols..
Yvonne``: lols.. i did the quiz long long ago lers.. so i am nort doing anymore.. (:
jiayinG: wad.. cannot mehs.. my stead cuter than u.. lols..
blah: lols.. who are you? I DUN HAVE STEAD LUHHS.
XUANN-`!: hahas.. i am bored too.. ):

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