Wednesday, November 15, 2006


went early today for the chong jing thing. and did nth. okay. we did sth thr. and yvonne took a video of me and jiazhi. and i am supposed to like pat jiazhi's shoulder and shake my head? lols. was laughing like siao luhhs. and saw St. John ppl washing up their cca room. wahahas. so busy lohs. and today actually supposed to meet with p6 friends de. but we din like really go meet them lohs. okay. anyway, we were like supposed to meet p6 friends at some bowling place. and we gort mixed up. and we went to CDANS when they were actually playing at CSC club. LOLS. and we walked from CDANS to like the tunnel btwn Bukit Gombak and Bukit Batok. and it's like so effin long can. confirm slim down one lohs. LOLS. den we were LOST. !!!!! ok. well, sorta lost luhhs. uh-huh. den we were like take taxi lohs. lols.

and in the taxi. the uncle is like so funny can. hahas. keep on talking and talking and talking. somemore he ask whether we gort stead anot. and whether we smoke anot. which is like no. DUH. lols. and he told us about his experience as a taxi driver with passengers like us. LOLS. den nat and i were like ah, orh, mm all the way. hahas.

finally reached westmall. and we waited for jiaying and the rest. yahhs. and we walked to CSC club. saw p6 friends. and talked awhile. they went to elena's hse ltr. and nat and i did nort follow. cos we wana bowl with yk they all. and BOWLING IS SO DARN FUNN. somemore, thr very cheap. YAH. hahas. i was so lousy luhhs. =/ and yk is like so good can. hwaiyi too. PRO. hahs. unlike me. =X fine. the food thr was ex though. =S yahs. nort worth. hahas. and i wana go to CSC club's swimming pool luhhs. the slides and everything look so tempting and fun to me. hehs. :DD

walked to westmall. and bought bread. and took the mrt to cck. and all of us parted. took bus home with hwaiyi and nat hme. ha. took some photos today. but i am too lazy to upload them. =X dun wana reply to tags lers. too tired. =/

make someone angry today and i feel so bad. ):

was disappointed with him today. hais.
like the way he called me though. (:

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