Sunday, November 5, 2006

waahss.. i am so tired now.. and so de yuan wang.. sigh.. i din pon eldds lohs.. actually i wana go de.. den it's like.. hais.. aiya.. nvm.. wad's over is over le lohs.. i guess i'll jus have to tell ms tang the reason for nort attending eldds trainings for the 2 days.. yahs.. hais.. and today's open hse.. i cant wait.. but i duno why.. i scared i cry.. no idea.. ha.. mmms..

and i saw sth at changi tat nvr in my whole life have i seen before

and yahhs.. the chong jing thingy..
gort frm xuan's blog the i-duno-wad ting..

those doing the lyrics for chong jing,MONDAY, 6 NOV meet at yew tee mrt station at 9.
those doing video, (all the guys + some girls) TUESDAY, 7 NOV meet at school at 12.
17 nov is the real chong jing stuff.
replies to tags:
XUANN: aiya.. urs can wait luhhs.. hahas.. we mus celebrate tgt kays? (:
ZHENYI: wad? i tried.. =X I DIN PON LOHS. YUAN WANG~ i was sick.. jus tat i din tell anyone abt it.. =/ whr gort? i alwys very guai de.. and oso good one.. (:
jiayinG: yahhs.. hais.. hahas.. nvm.. yi ding still gort chance de.. we still haven take our staircase photo.. (:

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