Saturday, November 4, 2006

(edited version 2)
back frm chalet.. whoosh. anyone actually like missed me? =X hahas.. hmms.. gona talk abt wad happened these three days.. detailed. (:

hmms.. met with yunhui they all and ate lunch.. and den left with jia zhi to take mrt to dover to meet ah teo.. and man.. those things we had to carry were like so darn heavy can.. =/ hahas.. and when we reached dover, we were like where are we like supposed to go to find a bus-stop tat buses go to clementi.. cos we were supposed to meet ah teo at the bus-stop mahs.. yahhs.. so in the end, aft much asking (by me), we found our way to the bus-stop.. hahas.. and we waited like so darn long can.. =X yah lohs.. and ah teo finally came.. and his car was short? is that what u call it? cos my head can like touch the top? lols.. and all the way thr.. we were crapping like siao.. lols.. and ah nat was so curious until she asked ah teo why is like the road we were moving on was like so straight.. =.- hahas.. and when we finally reached there, it was like raining lers.. =X and i saw old changi hospital.. woah.. dun even noe that was actually it and i was guessing whether it was it anot.. cos it seemed quite small.. my doubt was cleared by jia zhi.. and when we reached the chalet, it was still raining luhhs.. the chalet was quite big in my opinion luhhs.. and thus when nat and i first like stepped into it, we were like afraid of it lahs.. most of the things like switching on the lights and opening the cardboards were done by jia zhi and ah teo.. whereas nat and i went to wash ALL the dishes.. see we so guai? yea.. but it's abit pathetic that thr's no sponge thr.. =.- lols.. and aft tat, ah teo and jiazhi left to fetch the rest in.. and since nat and i were still nort used to being alone in the chalet, we were like huh? only two of us left.. scary sehs.. and so we sang as we washed.. hahas.. and we talked and talked and talked.. and it's like finally they were back.. and the stupid me wana like act clever in a way.. we went to like hide in the cardboards which i duno why i actually dared to do alone, and i scared the hell out of those who just came.. and i was clever enough to scare them and stupid enough to know that i am nort exactly a superwoman and yet i jumped out.. and i hurt one of my toes.. and it cant really move well.. it's still in the same condition now while i am still typing here.. hais.. and.. uh.. what did we do? er.. watch the others settle down lohs.. den they started playing lers.. and I LEARNED MAHJONG.. yay.. hahas.. and it's so like fun can? hahas.. and what did we do nxt??? aha.. we went to have dinner after that.. and ah teo told us to meet them at changi village.. but we took the bus at the wrong side.. and we went to tampines mall.. hae-haw.. and while the rest ate at the foodcourt, we were sick of the food there and so we went to AJISEN. hahas.. and the food was ok and the drinks were like so ex? 1 can of coke for like $3??? GOSH lahs. then we went to meet the rest and we were late. we were nort.. hahas.. den we took the bus back again.. and the old changi hospital looked creepy in the dark.. and all the while, when we were passing it, ah nat was like telling me nort to look at the right where it was situated.. and so i looked the left where she was.. lols.. and when we went back to the chalet, we played again.. played games like cheat and heart attack.. pathetic i know.. -.- woah.. we had many rounds of mahjong lahs.. until like 5 plus in the morning, we din slp at all.. ah li and i decided to surrender to the slp bug and went to the beds at 6.. and we planned to wake up at 6.30 but we couldnt really slp cos simlin was like crunching the cornflakes.. sigh.. so i slp for like 5min only? aww. den we woke up lers..

and as i said, we woke up.. so we went down to see the rest.. they were still playing.. and i really ke lian the tv u know? cos it's like the moment they reached the chalet, it was on lers, den until like that time, it was still on, throughout.. den shunyu, becky and vernon made breakfast.. hahs.. and i ate only like abit? cos no appetite mahs.. yahhs.. yu xuan den arrived and minyan, her and me sent becky to the bus-stop to wait for the bus with her.. see we so good? hahas.. den.. uhhh.. i cant really rmb wad we did lers.. sigh.. in the afternoon.. we called in mac delivery.. yahhs.. and ah li was so ke lian, she had to take down the orders.. yvonne oso.. yahhs.. cos she ordered.. and i so very ke lian, cos i have to pei her.. hais.. den when we like ordered lers, ah li left out dex's.. so she sacrificed her lunch.. hais.. we chatted and took photos in the room while we waited for the delivery to come.. for like aft a long long time, it finally arrived.. and all of us were like crowding ard it lahs.. so we have to wait for our food cos in this way, no one could take more.. and my empty stomach was finally filled.. yeah.. after that, we played again lohs.. yahh.. kinda sians lahs.. and we had water bomb ltr.. fun.. hahas.. i was wet throughout aft a few mins since i requested for ah gong to like make myself all wet.. it was so fun luhhs.. den we had bbq.. and i was lazy that time and i did nort bother to serve anyone.. and i just ate after it was done.. did nort eat much though.. had like only 2 satays, 1/2 crabmeat, 1 meat patty and like 2 hotdogs.. and oso 5 marshmallows.. yahhs.. den played mahjong ltr.. for a few rounds.. and oso played stress with shunting.. and i won.. hahas.. although it's been a long time since i played that game.. lols..

went with jia zhi and simlin ltr.. and aft that, we went to slp.. yahhs.. den aft that kena squeezed cos yvonne, shunting, rebecca and ade came.. and since it's too cramp on the bed, i decided to sacrifice and i slp on the floor.. with becky.. xi shen xiao wo, wan cheng da wo.. i am so noble ya? *CLAP CLAP* and i slp for like i tink a while and i duno who was like telling me it's time to wait up.. so i did.. so tired and cold luhhs.. and bathe ltr lohs.. and there were like only 6 ppl downstairs.. 4 playing mahjong and the 2 who just woke up, minyan and felicia.. den aft packing up, jia zhi and i left.. and man, were we tired.. and so we slp when we were in the bus in the mrt.. and when we reacjed cck, it was aft 9 lers.. we departed and walked our way.. i slp for like a straight 7hrs the moment i reached hme and dropped dead landed on the bed.. and i am so effin hungry now u know.. cos i skipped breakfast and lunch.. and it's such a miracle that i actually survived.. hahas..

and that ah ma, jiaying, hweisze and dex still owe me my birthday presents.. aww. )): i noe it's too early to give me my presents but we wun be meeting anymore le wad.. sigh~

replies to tags:
jiayinG: hahas.. lols.. the code i tagged at ur blog lers.. yahhs.. mus tag more at mine too.. (: glad u paiseh when u ps us.. aiyer!
ZHENYI: wad.. whr gort weird.. u so quiet lahs.. aiyer! if u are friendly, i am friendlier.. (:
jiayinG: wahhs.. come tag lers.. yahhs.. i enjoyed it.. but we din zilian much.. hahas..
Yvonne``: whoosh. hahas.. tks fer tagging.. yeah.. happy bcos of chalet..
kaii xiin: tks fer the flood.. (:
ZHENYI: tks.. (:

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