Wednesday, November 1, 2006

woots. (:
went out today.. hahas.. to buy the food and drinks.. yum yum. hahas.. and i tink we bought alot luhhs.. yahhs.. we gort like 200 hotdogs u noe.. O.O hahas.. and it's really alot lahs.. we gort 10 packets of marshmallows.. yumeh.. mama-mia.. hahas.. and.. we bot 6kg of charcoal.. darn heavy lahs.. and we gort 8 loaves of bread???!!!! so much lohs.. yahhs.. and we oso gort the toilet rolls, i mean paper towels.. h0h0.. hahas.. hehes.. and.. guess who's the lucky one who brought back the toilet rolls, paper towels? NATASHA the great.. [bursts out laughing] hahas.. and.. yahhs.. i was talking abt the toilet rolls, paper towels all the way.. and somemore she had to carry tat ard.. hahas.. and the handle snapped in the lrt.. hae-haw.. hahas.. and we went to causeway ltr.. and she was complaining to me abt tat toilet rolls, paper towels luhhs.. and sth BIG happened.. hahas.. she dropped the whole packet of toilet rolls, paper towels and it rolled down the escalator!!! lols.. and it hit some girl's leg and she was laughing.. all of us were laughing.. lols.. ate at pastamania.. yumeh.. (: and ah nat went hme with the toilet rolls, paper towels.. hahas.. TOILET PAPER XIAO JIE. CHALET'S NEAR. TML. YAY-NESS. ^^

replies to tags:
germain: hahas.. TKS. (:
-xuaNn`: eeyer.. wad.. no lohs.. is nort CRAZY lohs.. hahas..
ZHENYI: AHA. nvm.. at least u tagged.. hahas.. yea.. GUAI gia.
hey hey: yeahs. GUITAR ROCKS. <33>OH WAD FUN IT IS TO RIDE ON A ONE HORSE'S OPEN SLEIGH~ take care too. (:
Yongkian: HELLO. hahas.. tks.. :D
ice&cream!: hahas.. hello stead.. <333
jiayinG: is KONG BU lohs.. yahhs.. ice&cream! is my stead.. since when were u mine? hahas..
PEIWEN ((: : harlos.. tks fer the flood.. hahas.. eeyer.. go out soon.. yahhs.. TIRED OF U. hehes..

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