Monday, December 4, 2006


that's emilia hiding in the sleeping bag posing. (:

yk. took by someone. i forgot who le.

that's me. looking weird and nerdy in yk's specs. =X

ELDDS's tee! we got to decorate it.

while they were playing, i was busy taking photos. :D

jeanle senior. hahas.

randomly taken.

the lighting whatever you call it.

some random scene in the play. (:

love those masks! :D

what a mess!

my que sheet for the lighting thingy.

me and doreen's backviews! (:

splat! darn. my injured leg damaged the whole pic. =X

taken by hwyi.

this guy. grr. always secretly taking photos. and i tried to shield myself from him but in the end, he took a photo of me. gahhs. so this is my revenge. wahahas.

eeyer. he caught me taking his photo again. =X

ha. he din see me doing this. h0h0.

this is cool. love the fog created by the fog machine. (:

my leg. poor leg. sigh.

i am done with the uploading. whoosh. and i would like to thank those who cared for me and my leg. esp doreen. yah. cos she's alwys there for MY LEG. hahas. yeah. and not to forget jeanle. for being my 'nurse' to push me ard in that 'wheelchair'. hahas. and the rest luhs. thanks. SHUFEN LOVES YOU! <3

replies to tags:
jiaying: scolding. but i still waved. hmpf. never see. ):
jeanle: hahas. thanks for tagging. (:
sandii: chge what opinion? lols. i luan lers.
ZHENYI!: yay. u tagged. hahahahahas. eeyer. so bad. wana see me cry. dun worry lahs. i `crybaby what. so you yi ding will have the chance to see me cry de lahs. haha. bully you ONLY. feel honoured mahs. ha.

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