Monday, December 4, 2006

second post of the day. here at blogger again cos i am bored. i am supposed to go out and have fun and shop today but because of my leg, i am stucked at home. so now, while my mum and my brother are in the cinema theatre enjoying the movie, 'Happy Feet', i am rotting at home. i have got nothing to do here lahs. i have read and re-read all the books i have and i can even tell you guys the starting of the story. gosh. i miss the library so much. and i am so into reading now but there's nothing at home for me to read. toot. i want to watch 'Happy Feet' lahs. somemore i have to cancel/postpone my outings for the week jus bcos of my injury. when i recover, can someone pls jio me out? :D

replies to tags:
Yongkian: hahas. sure. (:
ZHENYI!: eeyer. what. is just that those specs doesnt suit me lahs. hahas. :D

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