Friday, September 14, 2007


i was using the com ytd when the tremours were felt. i felt my chair shaking and i thought maybe i was shaking and i dont know, but yet, the com's monitor was shaking too. then i was like huh? so weird. so i looked around. the windows were shaking too. i shouted, "Mummy! EARRRRRTHQUAAAAKE!!!!" hahahahah.

tremours was felt again today, this time in class. i didnt know bcos i was standing and then, the rest asked me to sit down to feel it. LOL!

lessons was okay today. had a whale of a time playing murderer in class today, since ms sim didnt come. hahahah! so fun lah. yeah. ((:

& i am moving on.
putting behind the past and moving on.
forgive and forget.
dont try to explain what happened.
i wont listen.

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