Saturday, September 15, 2007

whee! today was a lovely and fun day and i enjoyed every moment of it. (:

english went on smoothly. smooth-sailing, one word essay. i managed to cook up 3 pages long of story but i think it's kind of out of point. but alright. it's over. no use crying over spilt milk. so i decided to smile again. (:

history was okay, kind of slacky and i love the rain cos it made the atmosphere so cosy. hahahah.

recess, no comments. okay, maybe, i love my food, seafood tomyam! <3

math. i actually survived this lesson. bcos i managed to understand the formulas and applied them correctly, plus the fact that it is only 1 period. :D

higher chinese. D: ms eileen tock didnt come again. the third time this week. we had no chinese lessons this week lah, somemore we are having our EOY at next week. ): anyway, was given an assignment to do. so yeah, spent time on the paper.

assembly period was cancelled due to the chairs and tables in the hall for the candidates. so we had to do a survey in class. those typical questions. so boring. it's either B (agree) or C (disagree) all the way. :D

higher chinese for another 2 periods. completed the paper while gossipping and chatting around with may and zhen rui. found out a lot a lot of things today. hahahah. and it's for me to know and for you to guess. :P

ELDDS went on well and went home at 5 plus. (:

i know that you will miss her.
your eyes give the answer away. (:

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