Monday, September 10, 2007

hahahahah. it has been days since i last posted and not many has tagged. )): anyway, i'm gonna upload some photos today. :D

the chocolates given to us by our uncle! i love the logo, crown! :D
they are shaped like wine bottles with different wine flavours. eg. whisky, XO.
and i took the XO one. it contains real stuff, XO!

see that shiny part? you have to bite off the top of the chocolate and you can see the wine!
i dont quite like XO so i made my mum drink it first before i finished up the chocolate. it's quite nice.

i made my brother pose for it! hahaha! he sure looked spastic here! :X
hols end today and i have yet to complete my homework. ):
homework not yet completed:
- english speech
- amaths questions
- emaths hols assignment (halfway through)
- chemistry paper (almost done)
- physics TYS (i did all the wrong questions so i'll have to redo)

okay, apparently i have alot to do so i dont think i will be going to school tmrw, so please tell the teacher if he/she ask why i didnt come that i just got sick doing all of their homework and fainted halfway to school. NOT! hahahah.

ending this post with homework! DD:

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