Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hahahah. my alarm clock rang at 5.45am today and i was still in the hols mood. it was ringing and i was thinking why i set my alarm so early in the morning. then i realised it's time to wake up for school. lols.



why do they have to change our sitting positions? i am so not pleased with the way things are. they rushed this whole planning. he even told us they thought of this sitting plan while waiting for xxx's parents. hell. plus the fact that now mostly in front are all the girls and with guys behind. somemore, kengwee, leonard, pitsoon and clive are sitting in a row. come'on man. are you d___ or are you d____? they are bound to make noise lah. think also know le. many werent really happy with the new sitting arrangement either. rahhh. never thought of all these i bet. and i miss may may koh koh. ): i am okay with sitting with joey but i cant get high with her. aww.

i want to change back to the original state lah. )):

taken last week. (:

for he is a cold pervert which nobody can deny. :/

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