Friday, January 11, 2008

went to singapore poly today and seriously i hate the bus driver. and it's all because he drove so fast that makes me feel like vomitting everything out. (i've got motion sickness) hahhaha.

when we reached there, we realised that it was the open house for the singapore poly and there were so many people can. LOL. so we walked walked here and there and the typical singaporeans went to grab a goodie bag (i did, cause i wanted to put my stuff inside), and a free ice cream, cornetto if i am not wrong. i didnt eat it. hahahha. walked around later and i was envious of people who got balloons so i asked around and got a black one. oh, and i saw Chen Ning, so long didnt see her already, such a coincidence. :)

yeah, so the place was quite big and i learnt that you cant access all places just using the same flight of stairs. very suaku i know. walked walked later (i can only use 'walked walked' cause that's what we really did) and started to get interested in the courses they offer. had a hard time finding the one i wanted, 'Drama and Psychology'. it's a new course, got me really excited. :D may and i took a photo at the photography booth later and yeah, i hate the photo cause my hair was super messy inside so may kept it. hahah.

hahah. went to the media place later and i grabbed another balloon while may got hers drawn there. and while we were on our way down, huisian called and told us they had boarded the bus. so we ran like hell, and in the end the bus left without us, well, 4 of us. syairah, iskandar, may and i. so we took the 4D bus instead, was super awkard and also feeling angry at some teacher at that moment cause i learnt from someone that it was the teacher who told the bus to just go. grrr.

back to school and my 2balloons got popped by that stupid timothy and roger. made me so pissed. and may, being a good and kind girl gave me one of hers. oh, i love may. :)

i wish i could turn back time,
back to where things were back to how they were like once before,
where everything was perfect
and where you were there with me.

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