Thursday, January 10, 2008

Updates plus funny news. :)

okay. i am back to update after a tiring day.

i was hahah-ing today at the classroom early in the morning because i saw JunYuan's face on the XianZai of the chinese newspapers. his face made me feel like laughing. LOL.

had amaths test later in the afternoon which will determine whether we'd be dropping it or studying it which the teachers claimed. but i heard that if you failed but you insist on studying it, they cant do anything to you. but i think i totally flunked it already. oh whatever, i tried my best. very heck care attitude i know, but i really tried my best. D: now i just hope i can get a high pass. (pray hard)

tmrw, there's outing for the sec4s at the singapore polytechnic. oh how interesting. -.- but we are gonna end lesson early, which means we will be missing ____. (went off to check timetable)

(back with timetable in hand) CE period. *plays 'chey' in the background* super sad, cause that was not i want to miss. hahahha. but it's better than nothing. and i am sure many will bring handphones tmrw, just hope the school wont suddenly have the urge to conduct a bag check early in the morning tmrw. :/ *touch wood*


oh yeah, i heard something funny on the news.

apparently there was this 10years old boy who refused to go to school and he did something stupid so that he wouldnt have to go. he glued his hands to his bed!!!

i was like O.O and half-laughing inside when i heard the news. when i was 10years old, my innocent mind, still developing, wasnt even that 'clever' like this 10years old boy yet. very peifu him. if i was still 10years old, i'd bet i would be like crying so that i wouldnt have to go to school instead of gluing my hands to my bed! he really deserves an applause man. (starts clapping) oh, and if you are about to ask what happen to the boy, i have totally no idea because the only interesting thing about that boy is the gluing of his hands, i didnt listen to what happen later. hahha. :D


lost in translation but stuck in your love.

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