Monday, January 7, 2008

Life Is So Unpredictable.

life is so unpredictable.

one moment we may be alive and kicking and the next, maybe dead.

it's just like what happened to the Comedy Celeb, MC King. no one could believe it when they were informed of his death. i was shocked too. he was only 40, and at such a considered young age.

this shows that we should make full use of our life everyday, and live life very very fruitfully.

who knows what's gonna happen to us tmrw?

we cant predict the future but we can choose the way on how we want to live our lives.

with reference to the powerpoint slides ms tock showed us last thursday, we can make choices.

we can choose to be happy, or to be sad.
we can choose to hate someone, or to love them.
we can choose to let anger take control of us, or just to let go and forgive and forget.

learn to treasure/cherish your loved ones before they are gone.
dont wait till it's too late and have regrets.

lastly, may MC King R.I.P.

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