Saturday, January 5, 2008

Update on Sec4 life.

i survived one week of the sec4 life!

okay, not really one week, but counted lah. wahhh. time really flies fast man. O.O

hmm and i think sec4 life is really different from the previous 3yrs lah. it wont be soon before i feel the competitiveness in my class already, super scary. i aim to do well, and i will do it. :) and to prove my words, i do my homework on the day the teacher give it to us. you guys must be like, OMG IS THIS THE SHUFEN I KNOW? I ALWAYS THOUGHT SHE VERY SLACK ONE? I will change your impression of me. :) i am gonna mug real hard and not disappoint myself. i wasted my 3yrs already so i cant do it again. i cannot slack already. we had a physics test today to recap and all of us werent informed, so it was a surprise test, i was doubtful of myself but i made an effort to write at least an answer. and when mr koh went through a little, i got a few questions correct. i was quite happy already, but i know this is not enough.


and OMG. 'O' level chinese results are gonna be released on 17jan. so early, freaking scared and nervous now, i have to get an A to continue higher chinese. I'm gonna pray hard for an A man. no A1 at least an A2 please please. please to whoever who can hear me, please grant me an A at least for chinese, i really need it.

oh by the way, did i mention i hate filling up target setting forms? D:

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