Thursday, January 3, 2008

Secondary 4 Life.

hahahah. 2007 has finally flew away and here comes 2008. 2007 has been a fruitful year for me i guess, and i think this is one of those years which passed by so fast. i dont even have the time to catch up with what i have done/completed. yeah. oh by the way, i am currently in the school now using the com to update. LOL. yeah.

i am officially sec 4 now, i know i always say that. but yeah, sec4 means a stressful year ahead with the prelims the 'O's and everything. plus intensive revision till 4 plus plus. ): but i have to be prepared for it in order to get good results . (: i promise myself to strive harder and do my best in everything this year. and this sadly includes the fact that i'll have to try not to get pissed with some teacher so that i can understand his lessons better. (: but i believed i can do it.

okay, i know that paragraph above it kind of ____, but yeah, it's for me to read and remind myself of everything i have done, etc. so if you think it's boring, just ignore it. hahahha. :D

*parts in red are those that were being typed in school.

anyway, i was so happy cos we got a new mentor, ms michelle yeo not ms sim anymore. hahahha. :)

and and seeing all the new sec3s guys wearing the long pants was funny. :DD

and i realised that it always rains on the first day of school/2nd january.

lastly, i think my blog wont be so updated since i am like sec4 already, and i need to focus more on my studies instead of blogging. so do not expect me to update often, but i will try to revive this blog when i can. please continue to tag if not my blog would be so dead. thank you people. (:

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