Monday, December 15, 2008

#6 - What Would You Be If You Were...

A month: December when a lovely, kind, sociable and innocent young lady is born. (: *inserts endless superlatives*

A weekday: Friday perhaps, like they say, TGIF. :D

A time of day: 11.11am/pm. No prizes for correct answer.

A planet: Earth! I can't betray Mother Earth!

A furniture: I would want to be those L-shaped sofa, soft and comfortable. Whoooo.

A fruit: Watermelon, juicy and tender. Ahem ahem.

A sin: Gluttony! Well of course! I think 3/4 of my allowance is used on eating. :X

A liquid: Water. The best drink in the world.

A tree: The emergent layer ones, the one that stood out above the rest. (:

A flower: Roses? Nope, thorny. I wanna be a sunflower that cheers people up when they are upset. (:

A type of weather: Sunny with wind. Just the type of weather suitable for beach-ing and suntanning!

An animal: Skunk lah! Of course! :D

A colour: Orange, hawt babe!

An herb: My knowledge of herb is almost zero. Okay, erm, is thymes considered as a herb? Aiyah, if so, then thymes it will be. (:

A voice: Melody to ones' ears.

A chemical element: Oxygen, I give life!

A car: Porsche baby!

A food: Any type that contains lots of cheese/mayonnaise in them. Hell fattening I know. :C

A drink made of alcohol: -

A place on earth: I want to be the Mandai Zoo on 20/21 Dec, Patrick Starfish is gonna be there. ):

A number: 32. I love this number a lot, it's sort of my lucky number ever since P5.

A date: 30 August 2007. 17 December forever.

Shoes: The 7-inch heels.

A saying: For you, a thousand times over. (It has a meaning so deep, only when you mean it, you realize its depth.)

A song: A Little Too Not Over You by David Archuleta. The lyrics just suit everything.

A movie: -

A character from a book: Draco Malfoy, someone whom you hate yet love at the same time.

A mythological creature: Dragon.

A character from a comic/manga: I don't really like reading comic/manga stuff.

She'd rush all the way to the airport just so she could get to see his face again.
No words could describe how much her heart misses him.
Only tears would.
When are you coming back?
Or are you gone forever?
Do you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you tonight?
Yes I would.

2 more days to sixteen.
I've given up hope, but I would wait.

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