Thursday, December 18, 2008

#9 - Tag Replies

shark: Haha, I forgot to mention that range of people doesn't include you in. :D

Yongkian: Haha, shiok lo! I am watching Twilight this saturday! (:

may: Fat chance may, hehe! Not gonna confessed I got a crush on you. That should be categorized under "I have something to lie about." :D

shimin: Hello, thanks and thanks again for the present. (:

Vernon: Hahah true true.

afiqah: Does it happen to involve Harry Potter? Lol.

Emilia: Hahha, I guess I will be changing a blogskin soon. And where did you watch it?

jiaying`: Hahah, okay, I will get that done asap. (:

YANGQI: Hahah, thanks. (: Yep, she sucks big time. I guess I was too angry to retort back to her.

yuxuan: Read your entry, haha, guess we are in the same boat.

cheekeong: Hey thanks! (:

REGINANANA!: Whoo, big font, thanks! (:

may: Hahah, Yvonne was the last, hers was at 12am exactly! Thanks btw, make sure you do remember mine next year!

Mr Chong: Hello. Yah lah, so noble lah! Hahah, that's your luck for getting the pop-ups then. :D And I am a good employee okay! :D
YUXUAN: Hahha, but you msg-ed me what! Lol.
Caught Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Nice movie I gotta say. (:

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