Saturday, December 20, 2008

#10 - Twilight plus gaming sessions

Caught Twilight today! Not bad a movie, due to the fact that I've not read the book yet. T.T Very pathetic I know. :X I wanna get the Twilight saga series for my birthday actually, but the first book ie. Twilight was out of stock. The only ones available are the ones published after the movie with the two actors on the cover. I don't want that, I want the hands holding the apple one. :C Someone get it for me for my belated birthday present? (:

Anyway, Isaac said the movie was crap. -.- Told you le, Isaac, the movie wasn't your type. Haha, and I hate the Lot 1 movie schedule, they gave the wrong timings on the web, making us go 1hr earlier. Whatthe. Somemore I don't like the ticketer's attitude. Screw her man.

Back to the movie, no offence, but Idk why so many thought that Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) is hot in Twilight and fall in love with him like nobody's business. I only like him in the movie because his love for Bella (Kristin Stewart) is so idkhowtoexplain and he's so protective of her. No offence again, I think he looked better in one scene where he was wearing shades and with Bella. Maybe it's because he's like so pale in the movie and it turns me off. (:

I still like Robbie (Aaron Johnson) from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging better. (:

Told you he's hot!

Sidetrack a little: Presenting to you, Drew Fuller and Chace Crawford!

Okay, I really think one day I should like feature hot guys in my blog. :D

Hahah, and after Twilight, the three of us, May, Isaac and I went to meet up with Syahirah and then we set off to Hanyang's big house. :D 3 storeys bungalow, 2 maids, etc. Hahah, the 3 of us girls entertained ourselves with this bean game, "To bean or not to bean". Hahah, that's not the game name by the way. Lol. Then we realised we played the game wrongly, heckcare. We were laughing like crazy by then. Soonafter, the guys plus George joined us for this settlement game and George won. $@*&$*&$@!*&*%^ All thanks to Isaac's guidance of course. :X

After that we ate and then played the bean game, in the correct way. Isaac was like I surely win one, but I won. Hahah, by 1 gold! Lol. Slacked Stoned awhile waiting for the guys to transfer some anime (yuck) stuff for George, they appeared to be trying to convert him to an anime freak like them. Hmm.

Took 190 home with May. And went home after buying bread. -.-

Anyway, I think next time SHRIMS SS or whatsoever wanna gather can just like go Hanyang's house lo, so convenient, we just bring the games and play there etc. Coolness can, FOC somemore! :D

What?! Entry just ended like that? No photos, nothing?! Yes, I have not taken any photos for very long. Wait looooo. ):

"But you, your scent, it's like a drug to me. Like my own personal brand of heroin."

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