Saturday, December 6, 2008

#1 - Back to Square One

Lol, this is so random. The more I look at my url, the more I think that the url is like some sort of Harry Potter spell. (chuckles)

1. Back to Blogger.
2. Letter from Kranji Secondary School.
3. Job.

1. Hello people, I am back to Blogger. (after some struggling and temptation)

No, I am not tired of LiveJournal, it's just that I can't really customise skins in LiveJournal and I am stuck with almost the same layouts everytime.

But, with Blogger, there's and I have many designs to choose and edit from! So I am back! Hahahah, and one more plus point of Blogger, nobody can complain that it's troublesome to comment etc, since I got a tagboard. So there must be lots of tags everyday, hor!

Dear LiveJournal,

I am changing back to Blogger not because you are not good enough for me. It's just that you lack some elements that Blogger can give. Do not feel dejected, continue to work hard and strive on. If one day I realise that you can give me what Blogger can, I can assure you I will be back. Do miss me loads and do not ever hate me. Goodbye and take care.

Lots of love,
Hahah, and thanks to Lili the Squirrel, I got this super cool url,! Solitous diaspora means "you are the one living alone amongst different people" according to Mr Salihin.

And I love this skin a lot 'cause of its colours. I had a hard time finding a suitable skin to use since there are so many skins to choose from. Plus, some of the skins that I like has been used up by others and I don't want to like copy them. Yeah, and I realised that the skinners in now specializes in simple skin, it's merely playing with the base codes. Yupp, very few skins are using photoshop brushes etc. Cool ness.

I am ending the official 1st entry of mine now and will probably be using Blogger for long. I won't delete my LiveJournal account though, it has too many memories!

2. I opened the mailbox today and saw that I received a letter from KSS. Curious, I pried it open and it was this form informing me that I have some overdue funds not yet paid.

Firstly, the library fee of $1.20 for book overdue. If I am not wrong, ever since I last borrowed a book from the library in Secondary 2, I have stopped doing it. Reason being they are always able to get you to pay some overdue fee despite you returning in/on time. That's really stupid. Plus, the $1.20 fee just popped up out of nowhere. You know the library always put up notices reminding those who have overdue fee or send people to classes to remind them of the fees? During these 2 years, I have never borrowed a book from there at all and there wasn't any reminder (I've checked) that I need to pay for the fee, so why do I have to pay the $1.20 fee out of a sudden? What the fish.

Secondly, there's this 'Through Train' chinese magazines which the Higher Chinese got to order first. Actually, it's not that we ordered it. The school always order stuff beforehand without asking for our opinions which I find useless for us and we have to pay for it despite our unwillingness. And so we paid $6 for it. Then after a few months, the Express Chinese received their orders as well and they, like us, had to also pay $6 for it. Idk whether there was a mistake or the Chinese Department was inefficient, because they gave us the order form too, meaning that we have to pay again. Of course, all of us knew that we have paid and thus refused to hand in the order form. Here's the thing, inside the letter, other than the library fee, they also expected me to pay the $6 for the magazines.

According to them: 'Based on our records as at 30 November 2008, we have yet to receive payment of $7.20 for the above mentioned (library + magazine) from your child/ward.' This letter was addressed to my parents. What the fish man.

Then they added this: 'If you have since paid, please ignored this letter and accept our thanks for the payment.' F-F-F-F-F.

And most of all, this is the thing that made my blood boil: 'Kindly note that the release of the GCE 'N/O' Results and Certificate is subject to full payment of any outstanding amount due.' What is this man? Threat? F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F lah, sucker.

3. Anyway, I am starting my job soon, actually tmrw! Hahah, so I guess I will not update that much but do still tag, people, keep my tagboard alive! Loves! (:

Not getting the huge size Patrick at MoreThanWords when there are still so much stock left.

I want the whole collection of the $9.90 carebears, esp the orange coloured ones.
9 days to sixteen.

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