Tuesday, December 9, 2008

#2 - Job review

HWAIYI: Haha, yup, 1st visitor, do feel honoured! (:
Yongkian: Hello. Haha, thanks for the comments, I love your site too. :D
YUXUAN: Hahah, thanks for tagging, you know why it always doesn't work? 'Cause you lousy mah, haha. Jk only. :X
Nat: Hello, thanks for tagging. (:
Vernon: I didn't betray Blogger, I just wanted to experience other online journal. Lol. I think you don't like the commercial because you don't have the card lah. -.- And no lorh, the url isn't weird, it's just too cool that you are jealous. :D
puayying: Haha, hello. Thanks for tagging, yupps. (:
YANGQI: They threatening people mah, want people pay. -.-
AWL: Hahah, ask you to tag, you really just tag. ZZZ.
HWAIYI: I see you like to tag people's blog with smileys. Hahah. :D:D
aisyah: Hahah, true, long time no see. Thanks for the tag, seeya soon alright! (:
shark: Yuckyuck, who want to F you? Haha, who ask you switch on your speakers/headset volume so loudly? And I have disabled smileys, lol. 'Cause I find the Cbox one too common, wait till I find some nice and cute ones to put up. Thanks for relinking btw! (:
Salihin: Haha, relax, I credited you already. (: And don't complain, just click on the word 'shout' can le what. Troublesome meh? ZZZ.
Jiaxin: Hahah, I don't like the magazine. :X
Yongkian: Hello. (:
afiqah: Haha, regarding the skins' thing, I know but I don't know where to put the codes and always end up having a 'screwed' layout. You are back to blogger? What's your url? Tell me so I can link you alright! :D I wanna go out with you guys too, but I can only settle for a Sunday most probably 'cause I am currently working. SORRY!
Job review: Okay okay. Walked around the whole store, trying to familiarise myself with the products and their locations. Stood the whole day for 6hrs. Helped customers who need help finding some products. The full timer and part timers are friendly and I am glad I chose this job. Just hope that I will be able to receive my uniform and jacket soon, it's super cold in there!
Tmrw same time same day! (:

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