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#19 - New Year Countdown Party


2 Jan 2009
I had work today and saw many students in the afternoon, esp the Secondary School ones. First day of school, I felt kind of, idkhowtodescribe, I suddenly miss going to school and learning things as a class. Felt jealous of those who can study while I am like working, mygosh, I must be crazy. I am tempted to go back to school again, I miss Kranji. I miss school. So those who had schooling today, you better not complain. ):

I wished for something and the next moment it happened.

Kns, think I am having a sore throat. What a great way to start off 2009.



1 Jan 2009
Just woke up, slept for 4 whole hours. My eyes hurt like idk what now, super painful, I think it's due to the lack of sleep. And I realised that when I lacked sleep, my eyeballs kind of like fall back a little. Freakay.

Note: This is being typed moments later when I came back home from Hanyang's house. I just didn't have it up on the blog because there were no photos to upload, until now.

Firstly, I met with Hanyang and Isaac to buy the bbq food so very last minute. Isaac was late and so Hanyang and I went to get the utensils etc and stuff. It was so darn awkward lah, since I seldom talk to Hanyang. And so most of the time, I entertained or busied myself by talking loudly or looking for the item while waiting for the great Isaac to arrive. T.T

We got the food later. Oh and I got evidence that I am hot! Hanyang and I were both taking each a packet of ice, mine melted like crazy whereas his was still like intact. :D

We then took the LRT to Pending where Kunda and Tarday were already waiting. Of course, when you have free human labour, you obviously make use of them. I gave the 2 of them everything I had in my hands. (: We reached his house minutes later and noticed that his relatives were there as well. We then loaded the stuff in the kitchen and went to the study/computer room to slack while waiting for others to arrive. I had actually wanted to start preparing the bbq food but they thought it was too early. So the guys played mahjong while I busied myself transferring all my songs from Isaac's thumbdrive to mine. (Long story)

Soonafter, as the rest were supposed to meet at Pending at 5.45 since they did not know how to go to Hanyang's house, we had to send someone to fetch them. Obviously, the host wasn't kind enough to do the fetching, so I sabo-ed Tarday to do the fetching job instead. Genglin, Shakilah, Xuanyu and Zhengchuan arrived with him minutes later.

And so the bbq preparation ie. starting of fire, connecting of hotdogs/marshmallows to sticks started. I took loads of photos then. Was super jealous of Xuanyu's camera. 14.7 megapixels! Whoo baby! Then we started bbq-ing. Well, as usual, I didn't eat much, just did the bbq-ing part. Strange as it seems, I was super damn hell hungry before the bbq starts. And when I started bbq-ing, I felt full. Most probably I inhaled all the smoke in my stomach. -.- The bbq was not bad with quite a lot of food but I hate the fire, which kept on burning so ferociously. Lol.

I realised something yesterday during bbq. People with small eyes have got advantage in bbq-ing. Their eyes won't hurt that much, my eyes were darn painful and nearly tearing. I made a promise never to tease people with small eyes again, with roger as the exceptional one. (:

Hahah, and we kept on spreading rumours about yunhui and roger. 'Cause they arrived late and came together, kinky! Super fun to tease them I tell you. X)

After I got sick of bbq-ing which was after 2 hours, I went back to the study/computer room to slack with the rest.

The couples! Okay joking. :D

Don't worry, I am not watching porn/whatsoever dirty thing your mind is thinking.

Camwhored in the toilet with Yili and Shark and then surfed the net a while. Got hungry and went to the kitchen to eat some rice and beehoon with curry.. Then went back to the room to slack again. -.-

Presenting to you: Two gay gays! :D

Soonafter, we went down to the 1st storey and played Werewolves as a group. Leonard came by halfway. It was nearing midnight and we had only 2-3 rounds of the game before we started exclaiming, one more minute to countdown. Everyone rushed to the 2nd storey and switched on the TV to channel 5. A few seconds later, there was the 10 secs countdown on screen.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! AHHHHHHH!

The highness level soon dropped to zero. Because we countdowned for the sake of countdowning since it would be weird we call it a countdown party and yet we didn't countdown. Shark told roger to take photos of the fireworks on the TV since we can't have it for ourselves, lol!

Then after that we all ran back down to the 1st storey and planned to continue the interrupted Werewolves game as though the countdown just now didn't take place at all. Xuanyu was the one who initiated the New Year Resolution thing whereby everyone shared what their New Year Resolution for year 2009 is. Roger and Tarday took videos, and when it was my turn, guess what I said?! Find a rich and handsome boyfriend!Grow taller, to a height of 1.6cm. Yes! I said that and everyone laughed at me, telling me I've already fulfilled my New Year Resolution. I shouted into the camera, eh, no no, I want to say again, it's 1.6m!! Ahhhh! So stupid lo!

George arrived later and then we asked him for his resolution. I said his for him, to be less shy. He said it was possible. Whooo. Hahah, we then took loads of group photos, be it formal informal sad crazy etc etc. Super fun lo, I really gonna miss this batch of 4C man. (:

Xuanyu and Hanyang went to play Mahjong later with Hanyang's relatives while the rest played the computer, board games Isaac brought and the other Mahjong tiles set Hanyang has. Leonard and Roger went to sleep. He has got 4 sets of Mahjong btw, and his house looked like a gambling den lah, with 4 tables I think, set up for Mahjong. I had a 3 consecutive winning streak yesterday, haha super tyco. :D

Yunhui and Roger? And on the same bed???!!!

One of his many bedroom posters.

Hmm, we watched anime later, super lame and no life. Oops, I hope Isaac/Hanyang/any anime fan doesn't see this. I think watching anime is like taking sleeping pills for me although I've never taken sleeping pills before, they made me drowsy. :X I can't believe I wasted around 20minutes of my life in the last day of 2008 watching anime. A few of the guys, ie. George, Kunda, Genglin and Zhengchuan went to play Mahjong. The rest of us, ie. Haiqel, Hanyang, Isaac, Shakilah, Yili and me played this scary game called Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Haha, Hanyang wanted the atmosphere and suggested for just the torchlight providing its source of light for us, but in the end no batteries. -.- The atmosphere gone and reading of the cards in scary tones turned out sounding like Indian accent. A bug, a tentacle?~ Imitating Tarday's tone. He was super irritating, HUMCHI here HUMCHI there. Remind me of humchinpeng. Haha, and Isaac killed the traitor in the end and so the game ended.

We played Cheat later. I realise I can't really cheat, I always felt guilty whenever I do so. Later was the game, Settlers of Catan. Many by that time had already felt sleepy, it was around 5plus in the morning. Some settled down on sofa etc, I was sleepy too. But I persevered on till the last minute and then surrendered to the sofa bed at Hanyang's room on the 3rd storey at near to 7am. Leonard and Roger were sleeping so soundly on his bed lah, and the room was super cold, very comfortable to sleep in. The sofa bed was not long enough for me, so I had to curl up and sleep so very uncomfortably instead. I felt like a cat. But soonafter, I fell asleep and that Leonard just had to wake me up. (&@(^%()^#*@^

So I lay on the sofa bed awhile and then went down to wash my face. And I went back to sleep again. -.- This time, Leonard and Roger were considered wide awake. They went to bathe, no, not together. And since Yili took the sofa bed, I had no choice but to sleep on Hanyang's bed. The sofa bed is like nicer to sleep in. Lol. Yili joined me on his bed soonafter. And we slept till around 8.30am.

Oh by the way, know something funny? Hanyang's bedsheet has got the words 'Love Sleeping' on it, super hilarious lah. Yili and I packed his bed and sofa bed and went down to brush up. Before going down, I took his weighing scale and used it. 46kg, whoo, I didn't gain any weight at all, just lost 3kg over the holidays. Ain't that cool? I hope I grow taller though. ):

We then slacked a while before leaving Hanyang's house to BPP Mac for breakfast. I was terribly hungry and ordered a Mega MacMuffin. (:

All in all, I love the countdown party despite there were many a times when we didn't get to play games as a whole group together. I thanked all those for coming and thanked Hanyang and his mum for 'lending' us their house. And lastly, I thank myself for coming up with this crazy plan of a countdown party at Hanyang's house. *waves*

I love you people, happy new year alright! (:

No videos uploaded because the files are too large. :C

Edited: I really really will miss all these people man, the countdown party was really a success and I am thankful that everything that was supposed to happen happened. It was so hard to get so many things done, etc, and looking back at the group photos we took together and the videos with all those jokes and everything, I felt a sense of sudden nostalgia, which make me wanna cry. It's sad that not all can make it, but 15 is considered a lot as well, and of course, I miss those who didn't go as well. (:

Sorry for sounding very emo, it's just that I am listening to slow songs currently.

9 more days, then we will part. (Entry edited on 060108)

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