Thursday, January 1, 2009

#18 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year! (:

I am back from Hanyang's house and am dead beat but I can't sleep due to the fact that I get dizzy spells if I take afternoon naps. ): Sucker right. Photos are not with me currently, so I guess I would just have to wait for them and then later type a super detailed post regarding the countdown party yesterday.

Anyway, I shall do this instead.

{2008 Meme}

Take the first sentence from the first entry of each month of 2008; and then you call it the '2008 Meme.'

January: 2007 has finally flew away and here comes 2008.

February: Hahah.

March: Screw Annual Road Run, those who didnt go were clever.

April: Okay, I'm gonna try to type a long entry today to make up for not updating for one whole week.


June: Myblogisdead. ):

July: No one visits this LJ anymore. T.T

August: 4C History/Hantu Trip

September: Hahha, actually I have nothing to blog about but I shall type anything that comes to my head, so yepp.

October: -

November: I suck at facing reality. I don't want to face it at all.

December: I did this before and did it again, out of boredom.

I love you every second of forever.

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