Thursday, January 8, 2009

#21 - Dedications

My beloved SHRIMS SS, till eternity! (: Keep in touch, and we still must have gatherings okay!

I figure I'd better get this done before it's too late.


You have always been a strong and kind-hearted girl in my eyes. You are never selfish, always putting others in front of yourself. I remember starting to call you sourheart because I wanted to be creative and use 'sour' instead of 'sweet'. The name got stuck on you and I got used to calling you sourheart now. This is the one and only photo I took with you so I treasure it a lot. I am thankful for all the things you have done, and I really treasure this friendship of ours, for you have been a great friend. Lastly, I would remember you as a horny girl, because of the word 'protruding'. Thanks and do keep in touch if we ever go into different schools this year. I love you alright. (:


Retardation! I got the inspiration from a physics question. Now, you're known as Tarday, very high class name. (: Haha, you are a good buddy and very good to bully with face problem. Sometimes, I think that your temper is too good that so many would like to bully you. I admire the way you are able to handle things without hitting the roof, etc, able to settle things well. And erm, I think you should be hot tempered sometimes. Lol. Eh, and thanks for teaching me physics questions whenever I dk how to do them, luckily you and Lili sat behind me, so asking questions are easily accessible. I thank you for being such a great guy friend and do keep in touch if we ever go into different schools this year. (:


Rogerger, the one always kena bullied! Haha, I remember the times during MYE/Prelims where we always eat together with Yunhui, Asaph they all. Hahah, and you were always the rich one, lending money to people etc. And yes, small eyes! Heheh, this is the way I will remember you as for it's your zhao pai. (: And oh, I know that you love food, same as me. We still have not gone for our botak jones meal leh? When free ah? I wanna try it out someday lo. Must jio me out for food someday okay? :D Oh and if can, jamming sessions too. :D Hope you find your true love soon, ahem ahem. And where's my belated birthday present that you promised? Thanks for being my friend and do keep in touch if we ever go into different schools this year. (:


Newton! Haha, I remember May and I claiming you to be our boyfriend etc. And you were the last member to join SHRIMS. Yup, an anime freak/fan, don't worry, May and I were only joking about the bf part. Come'on I am so anti-anime, why would I fall for you? Hahah, I would miss your logical thinkings and questions that make one go confused. Lol, just don't say that you are too smart for me okay! :D And I hope that you find your perfect girl soon, one who has got brain and go crazy over anime like you and can stand your boring lectures. (: Thanks for being my friend, I am honoured to know a Kranji scholar like you and do keep in touch for I know we will certainly go into different schools this year. (:


Koh! Hahah, the one with the same surname as you-know-who. Oh hoho, we took like darn loads of photos together, so I chose this walk-down-the-red-carpet ones. :D Anyway, I remember knowing you better when we sat together in class last year, or was it last last year? Heckcare lah, and how we always talked bad things behind chi2 back. :D Hahah, that sure was fun until he decided to separate us. But we 'got together' again, pui! And all those wearing contacts time, makeup time, gossip time etcetc. Hahah, thanks for being such a good friend, etc, actually I don't know what to type here le leh..... Heheh, aiya, you know how I feel can le, I will treasure this friendship of ours and forget me not okay. 12 jan is coming and I am sure you would get the results you want. Do keep in touch if we ever go into different schools this year. (:


The vain one. Haha, you always seemed to look fierce in my opinion. :X But you are a funny girl, and have a idkhowtodescribe laugh. Hahha, very contagious. Erm, I think in SHRIMS you are the one who knows how to makeup/makeover to look best the most. :D Hahah, to break your single status your resolution right? Mine is somewhat similar too, so let's work hard towards our goals this year okay? Next gathering for SHRIMS, we will have 2 more members! If you get what I mean, Hahahah. :D And don't waste food resources anymore, make sure when you eat a lot, you gained weight as well, too skinny no good, like my brother. :S Thanks for teaching May and I how to wear contacts! Hahah, do keep in touch if we ever go into different schools this year. (:


Lili, with the squirrel look! That's the only photo we took together! Hahah, always the weird guy saying weird stuff. I still can't believe you got a twin brother. That's like so whatever. I can imagine you giving me the squirrel look again. And thanks ah, for teaching me physics and chemistry questions, helping me edit my essays etc. Till now, I still can't figure out why your sciences are so good but your maths.... :X Haha, and as the president of SHRIMS SS, I urge you to find a date before school starts for a gathering together again. It's your responsibility okay? I don't care. Hahah, and thanks for being such a funny friend, do keep in touch if we ever go into different schools this year. (:

Not forgetting...


Out of all the photos we took which is hell loads, I still like this the best. (:
Hahah, we have know each other for 4 whole years already, too much to be expressed in words. Like example studying in the toilet during examinations, suntanning at Sentosa, throwing AMATHS textbook at you, my bag is bigger than my ass joke, etc. Just wanna say thanks for everything, and do keep in touch if we ever go into different schools this year. (:


Eh, the wols one, feel honoured hor! If we ever go different schools this year, must remember to miss my teasing okay? I won't miss your act-cuteness one, too bad. And of course, when I got a chance to suan you, which is like now, I would do it. But before that, I really appreciate the times we had together, be it eating lunch together, going our house to 'study' which mostly is to use computer, going to the gym, etc. Hahah, and now the suanning part. I hope you and _____ last long long okay? Haha, find your true love soon lah, and stop being so wols, I help you make resolution. "I want to be less wols and less act cute so that more guys will like me." Okay, done. Lastly, do keep in touch if we ever go into different schools this year. (:

Haha surprised to see your photo here? Lol, I put you up because you were once a temporary member of SHRIMS SS, yup and that I know your deepest secret. Okay, joking. Hahah, you are a very funny guy, always like to joke a lot. Haha, and erm, idk what to say. Erm, my impression of you, a rich guy, mummy's boy, self-proclaimed HOT guy. Hahah, and eh, I hope you find your true love soon lahhhh. Be brave and jio her out lah if not, too late. Or maybe when you go to JC next year, find a better catch and be the first in fourcee to get a girlfriend this year. Lol, thanks for being such a good guy friend okay and do keep in touch if we ever go to different schools this year. (:

Lastly to a special someone.
Not gonna put any photo up here, since we only took one pathetic photo together. -.-
I just wanna say, thanks for everything that you've done. I have a question to ask you. 难道我真的那么好骗吗? Haha, I dk why I always fall for your stupid tricks or lies one lor, they always say once bitten twice shy. Maybe you are a good actor, who's able to hide all these from me. Anyway, really thank you lah, have known you for like four years le, really someone who is trustworthy and reliable. I hope you find your true love soon okay? Though it may be hard. Ahem. Haha, and do you still remember the first and very last song we sing together? :D And do keep in touch if we ever go into different schools this year which I hope will not be, for I will miss you loads. Serious. (: And don't ever ask me what would happen if you die one day. Choy lo. Where got people curse themselves one. Lol, for I would be at a loss for words again. Must meet up again sometimes hor, though it may be an impossible wish of mine. Goodbye.

Going to school in 1 hour's time, yay! (:

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