Saturday, January 10, 2009

#22 - Random

Whoo, I finally got all the photos developed. Now all that's left is my messages and getting them laminated. (:

These few days were sucky. I had too much injuries, be it penknife cuts, paper cuts, big bruises, sprains. You name it, I got it. I even got poke by the penknife's blade on my stomach, luckily nothing happen. I just counted and found out that I've got 16 cuts on my arms, with 13 on my left and 3 on my right. D: Plus I just sprained my right wrist today, did too much carrying of the heavy paint. And let me show you my big big big bruise.

See? I dk why it's like so big lah. It was very small actually, but my dad told me to apply pressure on it to make it like 'go away', and so I spent the whole night doing as he said and the next morning, this is what I got. -.-

Anyway, I am going to type random stuff here since this entry is named random.

Random #01: Do you know that Kranji now has got a new YOGHURT vending machine, stall 7's open and that they have this stupid BEST CLASS AWARD thingy?

I think it's very stupid.

Random #02: My family and my neighbour-cum-relative lao yusheng on 3January2009 for no special reason.

Random #03: I woke up in the middle of the night to find my comb just so I could comb my hair.

Random #04: Did you read the news? A 6 year old girl and a 7 year old guy in some European country eloped by sneaking out at night and trying to board the train to go far far away. They got 'caught' by the train station master there.

Random #05: I am not really nervous for my results anymore, I can't wait for 12january2009 to come. I am serious, dk why. Maybe such things happen because I am wayyyyyy too nervous that my brain now processes in the opposite way?

Random #06: I want to have a SHRIMS gathering asap, Salihin, do your job quick! It will be hard after everyone get their results and when school reopens on 2Feb2009!

Random #07: My house has got 2 toilets. (I used this everytime someone ask me to say something random.) Unlike hanyang, he has got 7 toilets. -.-

Random #08: I like the smell of ruyi you, the medicated oil in the metal casing, baby oil if you use it when you're young. So niceeee. (:

Random #09: I tore my blanket while fidgeting with it yesterday night.

Random #10: I miss bowling. ):

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