Wednesday, January 21, 2009

#30 - 4C Seoul Garden Gathering

Oh come'on. 4C Seoul Garden Gathering wasn't exactly a gathering at all. Only 2 girls went, together with 11 guys. -.-

Those who went:
Clive Eugene Genglin Hanyang Isaac Kengwee Kunda Leonard PitSoon Roger Salihin Shufen Timothy Yili

And since today is a weekday, we paid student price, each person $15.15, with free flow of drinks. :D

My table consisted of Roger, Yili and I. Lucky never sit that close to Eugene they all, they eat like monsters. Haha, I was quite full after a few bites surprisingly, I was even planning to settle my breakfast, lunch and dinner at Seoul Garden lo! Think is because I drank too much peach tea already.

After eating a while, the guys played the classic game, the food game. The first time they played with ice-cream, the loser in scissors paper stone has to eat one whole scoop of ice-cream in one gulp. And poor Eugene, he kept on losing to Timothy and so he ate (i think) more than 9 scoops of ice-cream, mint one somemore. Ahahahha. And Kengwee played with Hanyang and had to eat a bowl of green apples which are so NOT sour at all, in fact I think that it's quite sweet and juicy. (: Heard that Clive lost as well and had to eat a bowl of cherry tomatoes. Lol, and he lost again later and ate the same thing as Eugene. Both of them so funny lah, when talking, the 'smoke' kept coming out from their mouths! :D
While the guys were playing, Roger and Yili were busy 'cooking' the remaining meat, I heard that Seoul Garden charged people for wasting food, so I told them to cook until the meat is burnt, so we will have an excuse not to eat it. Lol!

Went for pool at CSC Club after that. On the way out of Causeway Point, we met Tarday and gang. Hahah, turned out they spent more money than us, lol! Walked to the bus interchange and waited for the stupid 187 which took us to CSC Club. Isaac left for home. ):
People remaining:
Eugene Genglin Hanyang Leonard Roger Shufen Yili
And I hate Leonard, he was the one who suggested the bus ride. Halfway during the bus ride, I was like complaining to Yili, telling her if only we took the MRT, we'd have reached CSC Club and are playing pool already. And kept on irritating her by saying, "气死人!" :D
And so Yili and I got our free form of entertainment from the guys playing. Esp Eugene, Genglin and Roger. Haha, Eugene kept hitting until the white ball went in the hole umpteen times! And I remembered a time when Roger hit a ball which seemed to be about to go into the hole, and Hanyang said, "Very good..." And then the ball didn't go in, and Hanyang continued, "... but not good enough." Hahah!
Eugene left after that since he had to reach home before 7. I had my try at pool as well, super lousy. :X Seems like pool's not my type of game, but it's sure is fun watching others play and laughing at their lousy skills. Leonard (first time player) and Hanyang are not bad though. (: You should seriously be there, it's so funnnnnnny. :DD
Yili and I didn't pay after that, my excuse? "I was just taking over Eugene." (:
After that boarded the very sardine-packed MRT home with Roger and Yili while the Bukit Panjang people ie. Genglin, Hanyang and Leonard took the bus home.

Well, I guess that pretty much sums up my day, looking forward to more gatherings someday! Loves! ♥

What I wore today! Ironic I know. (:

Same pose, different height! :DD

My phone showed your number, but you are not on the line.

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