Friday, January 23, 2009

#31 - Pissed

I am going to type parts of this entry in red today, not because New Year is coming.


And the weird thing is I don't know what I am actually angry, irritated, frustrated and pissed with.

1. My brother ate my supposed lunch and I had to go out to get my own lunch instead. (Omg, euus shho pettii worhsxz.)

2. I saw er, someone and he practically ignored me, not even saying hi at all.

3. Maybe I hate myself.


I decided to go for a 'swim' to get rid of all my anger.

Ahhhh, and it really felt better. I didn't really swim actually, I just went to the swimming complex and lied down on the floor, in order to get my tan. Screw the big grey clouds which kept on blocking the sunrays.

However, I GOT MY TAN! I am like darker?! This is good news, because I seldom get dark that easily. Just pray hard my tan lasts me till the New Year.

And did I mention the swimming pool smells so much like Seoul Garden? The yucky chicken-ny and BBQ smell? Yes, after bathing, I still smell like that! Ugh!

Funniest sentence of the day: "Why are you girls wearing FBTs? Don't you feel naked?"
Credits to Ms Audrey Lee, we went back to school today for New Year's celebration and she saw Jiaying and I wearing FBTs therefore the comment.

I am working tomorrow. )))):

If you're going to treat me like what you did today,
then don't blame me for doing the same to you as well.

I hope it hurts, because, well, you hurt me.

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