Saturday, January 24, 2009

#32 -

Today is my last day of work at Homefix and I'm having mixed feelings.

Although I worked there for around 1month plus, that place gave me a cosy feeling. I went to Lot 1 Homefix to run an errand today and felt that that outlet was too big. I think I must be crazy.

I will really miss my colleagues, the jokes, the fun, the laughters, the complaints about certain customers, free food from suppliers, the injuries that increases daily (lol) and most importantly, the place itself.

FYI: I injured myself on the last day of work as expected. Got a cut on the wrist, it's not that serious and I 'squashed' my thumb in between the hinges, ouch! How stupid and clumsy can I get, even my manager was laughing at me! D:

Anyway, even though I felt happy because I don't have to like wake up early to report for work anymore, when I said goodbye to my colleagues especially Siti today, I really felt like bursting into tears. Because to me, Siti is more than just a colleague. She is my advisor as well, teaching me lessons about life, etc. Giving me lectures, making sure I made the right choice for my future etc.

Sigh, and I have to return my uniform soon, I just wore it for less than a week. Can't bear to let it go even though I look super flat-chested in it. -.-

But sad things aside, I will be getting my pay soon, which is around a thousand plus. Say yay for me, but don't expect treats!

And, there was this customer today, and Siti was busy explaining to him the features of a product.
Then he said,"Eh, I think I am getting amnesia, do you mind repeating what you said just now?"
It's not New Year's Eve yet and I've already received 3 red packets!

Now that's beside the point. I got my nails painted idk-what-colour, cerise or magenta or hotpink! Yepp, so enthu for the New Year yo, not!

And I love today's post because it's entry number #32. My lucky number, FYI: Coincidentally, my birthdate 17121992, 1+7+1+2+1+9+9+2 = 32 and my ex-handphone number when added up happened to be 32 as well. Omg love!

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