Friday, January 16, 2009

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A gentle reminder before I start my normal posting.
Hello 4C-ians!

We are having another gathering again! Say yay! (:

However, this time, it won't be at Hanyang's house but at Seoul Garden, Causeway Point!

Are you excited? :D:D

It's on the 21st of January, 1.30pm. (according to what Kunda told me)

Kunda and EUGENE (OMG, EUGENE?! I THINK HE JUST WANT TO EAT) are the organisers for this gathering and please do inform them latest by this Saturday, 17 of January whether you are going or not.

Meeting time: 1pm
Meeting place: CCK Control Station

People confirmed going: Aisyah Clive Eugene Haiqel Kengwee Kunda Salihin Shakilah Shufen Timothy Yili Yunhui

Please try your best to make it as it might be *touch wood* the last 4C gathering already!

For more enquiries, please call Kunda or Eugene. I am just a messenger. Actually no lah, you can tell me whether you are going or not too, for girls lah. Unless you got a huge crush on Kunda or Eugene and want to take this chance to sms them, etc lah, that is. (:

Omg, I feel like those bloggers helping people do sponsored advertorials just that mine's not sponsored! -.- Maybe I should get Kunda and Eugene to treat me or something if this gathering
turns out successful. Heheh.
Life sucks today because:

1. I had this nightmarey dream that I dreamt that my mum killed a tiger and digged out its intestines. I woke up feeling weak all over, no strength! ):
2. I woke up early at 7plus thinking that I am working the morning shift until I checked my schedule and realised that I am working in the afternoon. Dang, I could have sleep more instead of ranting it over here.
3. I am currently having mild diarrheoa and it feels horrible.

Argh, what a horrible way to start the day!

Anyway, I submitted my choices on the JAE net yesterday. And after much consideration, I took out NYJC from my choices. It's just too far, Serangoon lehhh, plus I don't really like the school environment.

1. CJC Science
2. JJC Science
3. PJC Science
4. NP Banking & Finance
5. NP Accountancy
6. SP Banking & Finance
7. SP Accountancy
8. SP Drama & Psychology
9. SP HRM with Psychology
10. NP International Business
11. SP Tourism
12. NP Tourism

Hmm, I said I would post about what I miss the most when leaving Kranji.

I would miss... (not in order)
staying together as a class with 3C'07 and 4C'08.
teasing each other about having face problem.
teasing Mrs Ram about hair problem.
gossiping with a few others about our teachers esp Chee2.
going to the toilet to study for major examinations with Jiazhi.
going to Macdonalds straight after ELDDS trainings.
group work which means slacking.
grading people's SEQ in groups ie guessing the level they get 'cause with the portable whiteboard provided, you can write or draw anything you like.
studying at the same old spot with beloved SHRIMS.
wearing the SHRIMS tag.
night study!
Secondary 3 Amazing Race with my wondeeerrrrrfuuuuuuul group, Jiazhi, Nurul, Timothy and I, despite some unfairness, it was love!
Secondary 4 Amazing Race Recce with other classes' ppl.
Secondary 4 Amazing Race where I was part organiser and facilitator!
teasing anyone worth teasing, like eg Yunhui.
singing the national anthem and saying the pledge as a whole.
writing english essays in Ms Lee's class.
playing Rubrics cube.
looking at George! Haha!
playing with the chair with wheels by 'sliding' in and out of the door.
holiday IPs.
any moment where 4C'08 can have lessons as a class.
eating in the school canteen.
taking the school lifts whenever possible.
the SPIN room, I like the air-con there, so shiok!
the ex 3C'07 and 4C'08 classrooms.
my table, which had part of 'Sorry' by Jonas Brothers lyrics written neatly on it.
wiping the oh-so-dirty whiteboard with water and newspapers.
eating in class while waiting for teachers to come for afternoon lessons.
PE lessons where we played all sorts of sports!
randomly singing in class.
bringing Patrick to school. (:
every chance I have to tell people that Spongebob is gay and he hold hands with TinkyWinky.
ELDDS Graduation Show.
Singing school song.
Wearing tie and helping people tie tie.
Singing Birthday Song to those having birthday on certain days.
Doing the Fleming Left Hand/Right Hand Rule thing.
Doing last minute revision on test on the day itself.
Lastly, I would miss our endless bickerings. (:

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