Friday, September 3, 2010

#275 - Shop

I love shopping! :) :D :) :D

Be it buying clothings to expand my wardrobe or just getting cool/random stuff you'd never thought of, I don't care. As long as I get to spend money. Lol, pity my husband in the future.

Anyway, last day of Prelims and I finally get to spend money (like after so long)!

Went to Jurong East and I got an ORANGE egg mouse at Popular while waiting for S to arrive! The mouse is too cute and cheap (at only $8.90 after Popular Member discount) to be true (and yes I'm using it now)!

So cute!!!
It looks rounder and really like an egg when you see it as a whole. :D

Headed to IMM after that.
Initial plan was to shop around the clothings stores over there but nothing really caught my eyes.
Oh well.

Popped by thefaceshop to get a baby ORANGE nail polish and a base coat.

It's baby orange, those soft colour type.

Was like complaining why thefaceshop doesn't carry it and tadaa!
Now they have it, $2.90 only of course buy!

Bought basecoat as well since I left mine open the other day and it's now semi-hardened. -.-

And while I am typing about these nail polishes, I thought of the sweet baby pink colour nail polish.
Should I buy? :O

Speaking about nails, I twittered about the nails I did yesteday! :)

By just using these sweet colours...

I got this end result.

Not really that neat though, I was using free hand with no nail guides.

Hehe now contemplating whether or not to remove this and paint all nails baby orange. ^^

Moving on...

Of course when you go to IMM, must go to Daiso, because EVERYTHING $2!!!
Lol, you must be thinking I am cheapskate.

Eh but no, because sometimes they sell products which are similar to what the stores outside are selling and it's wayyyyyyyy cheap lor!
Plus you'd never know what you would find/get there.

I always go in Daiso not expecting to get anything but it's like once you enter and see the products, you'd be like, "Eh I think I need this. $2 only. Buy!"

HAHAHA I guess that's why I always spend more than $16 (want to say $15 but everything $2 so cannot have odd one) at Daiso. :D

Like for today, I got myself...

Kits for slimming face and making the nose sharper.
For fun laughter peace and joy.

And even if they don't work, they can act as massagers.
I've tried and they feel good on the respective areas.
Like I said, "$2 only. Buy!" :D

What is this?
Let me explain. *push specs*
I don't know what it's called so let's call it push-it!
You know sometimes when you want to brush your teeth and then you realize that your toothpaste is finishing (so hard to squeeze them out from the tube) and you're lazy to get a new one right?
Push-it will come in handy.
It helps to do the squeezing work and pushes your toothpaste to the mouth of the tube.
Works for tube-like objects, the toothpaste is just an example.

Lol at first I was like 'irritated' with it because in the picture on the cardboard they show how it is being used and then they used a orange push-it!!!
Then as you can see, the 5 push-its in the package doesn't have orange ones. :(

Sorry I am just obsessed with the colour orange.

Get this!
Sweet with slight salty taste, taste a little like popcorn! :)

Other than those above, I also got sponge brushes (for washing my water bottle), some storage boxes (similar to IKEA and CHEAPER, lol), double eyelid stickers and snacks.

Anyway, you can really buy A LOT of stuff at Daiso.
The other day I went to Daiso with R was mostly on nails items.

Pretty glitter/hearts/stars to 'zhng' nails. :)

Fake nails of all sizes and nail glue thanks to Lynette's recommendation. :)

Faux eyelashes.

Aiya seriously a lot of things to get over there lor!

Started this entry with an intention of blogging about today's shopping trip at IMM, end up advertising for Daiso for free.


Went to Giant after that to visit Patrick.
He wasn't there anymore. :(

While heading out, this fridge got my attention.

I can has slim and slight long legs!

Was telling S if I have that fridge, I'd be having fashion shows at home in front of it.

And then at the paper section, I saw this.

Shih Tzu recycled paper?
Clean, well behaved, faithful?
:O :/ :O :/

Speaking of dogs, look at this video if you haven't.

Girls throws 6 puppies into the river.
(If video doesn't load, click on it to watch it on a new tab)

More and more animal abuses cases nowadays.
Read one on this man who threw a pomeranian against the wall till it dies.
In Singapore somemore.

Pomeranian so cute why must you kill it...

Sigh what is this world turning into... *shakes head*

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    I love going to Daiso and just look at all the products they sold there. Some are really mundane and -_- (like your face slimming kit) while others are really treasures. Like $2 laptop sleeves and FOOD.


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